This message was sent to all Adsense publishers. And I decided to post it here for those who have not read our messages. Here is the message froom Google Adsense.

Earlier, we sent you an email informing you that Google AdSense now offers mobile monetization as a fully-integrated solution within the core AdSense for content product. We will stop serving ads to anyone using the AdSense for mobile high-end ad code on May 1, 2012. We would like to remind you that if you use that high- end ad code, you will need to upgrade your ad code to the appropriate sizes within AdSense for content. To complete this migration, we’re asking all publishers who have AdSense for mobile ad units that are meant for “iPhones and other highend devices only” to update their ad code as soon as possible. You will find the mobile ad unit sizes within the AdSense for content section of your AdSense interface. Implementing Google AdSense now will allow you to continue monetizing your mobile content after May 1, 2012 without disruption. If you are using the AdSense for mobile ad units meant for “All Phones”, you will continue to be able to serve ads to both WAP phones and highend phones.



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