google adsense enables wire transfer for Nigerian publishers

Few days back, Adsense made their Indian publishers smile by introducing the wire transfer payment option for publishers in that country. And now, it’s the Nigerian  publishers turn.

I woke up this morning to a mail notification from Adsense team which read as follows.


We’d like to let you know about important upcoming changes affecting your payment options.

As you may have heard, we’re currently rolling out improvements to the Payments page in AdSense. The upgrades are designed to provide you with a better, faster payments experience, and your account will be upgraded shortly.

After this upgrade, we will offer the option to receive payments by international wire transfer. Wire transfer is a fast, secure, and reliable alternative to receiving payments by check.

With this change, we are also simplifying our check payment options by discontinuing express delivery secure checks and courier tracking numbers.

Unlike the secure check payment option, Google doesn’t charge a fee to send wire transfer payments. We recommend that you ask your bank about any fees or commissions they may charge for receiving wire transfers.
Visit our Help Center for full details about receiving payments by wire transfer ( Standard delivery checks will remain available.

These changes will only affect payments in future months. If you are scheduled to receive a payment this month, it will be issued using your current form of payment selection.

As part of this upgrade, your earnings will begin to accrue in U.S. Dollars to match your selected payment currency. We’ve switched to U.S. Dollar currency reporting to create a more convenient and intuitive
payment experience for you.

You can now customize the performance report currency if you prefer to view reports in a different currency. Learn about changing the reporting currency in our Help Center (

We’ll send you a future update after the upgrade is complete. We appreciate your patience during this transition period.


The Google AdSense Team”

Isn’t this great news? What do you think?


  1. The adsense people didn’t accept my site the last time I tried, but I am happy for my fellow bloggers. This is an improvement worthy of mention.

  2. hi oscar. thanks for sharing this post with us. i think now we don’t have to worry much about dom and foriegn dhl for recieving checks. how is the payment made?, in foreign currency or local currency?


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