If there’s one thing an average internet user in Nigeria would long for, it’s an unlimited internet data plan. And here Airtel Nigeria has introduced a new data plan that promises you an unlimited data cap at an affordable price rate.

The Airtel Always On Plan as it is tagged is simple to understand and here is how it works.

airtel always on internet subscription plan

The Always ON plan once opted for, gives her subscribers 1MB of data which after been exhausted leaves you to a charge of 1k per KB. This plans would work with N5 deduction everyday. Here is the Maths, you would given 1MB every day for free, after which if exhausted, you would be charged N10 for ever MB or let’s say N100 for 10MB.

This plan would actually make sense to those Airtel subscribers who are not heavy internet users, probably those who are more engaged on stuff like Whatsapp, Facebook, BBM etc. It’s considerably cheaper as compared to the regular 5k/KB (N100 for ever 2MB) other internet service providers would charge on normal basis without an internet plan.

I actually won’t go for this plan because I use data a lot, and this would increase my cost. But my opinion shouldn’t be the verdict here as this plan would be great for light data users. Let’s move on to activating this plan on your Airtel SIM.

How Do I Activate Airtel Always On?

If you wish to activate your Airtel Always On plan, here is a very simple step to take.

1. Simply Dial *401# or send “ON” (without quotes) in an SMS to 401.

To Opt Out of this plan anytime, dial *401*1# or send in an SMS “OFF” (without quotes) to 401.

What do you think about this plan? Is it quite affordable or can you compare it with other service provider’s internet plans? Let me know your views using the comment section below.


  1. Pls am using Motorola droid is an android fone wit airtel network, but wat I noticed is dat my data always finish b4 its expiry date y? Secondly, hw can I off some apps dat am not using so it won’t exhaust my data b4 it expire? Finally whc other networks is fast n cheap like ds airtel data plan cos I don’t really enjoyed airtel service too slow. Wish to hear from u soon. Tnx


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