You definitely at one point or the other might have found yourself in a situation where you are out of call credit and need to reach through to someone. I know some would say, why not use any of the bank’s USSD codes to recharge or even borrow from your ISP. As much as these could be saving alternative, what if your bank’s USSD wouldn’t work and are not eligible to borrow from your ISP? That’s where using the Airtel Call Me Back code comes in handy.

The Call Me Back code was first introduced into Nigeria by MTN, and since then, all other network providers have incorporated this service code into their networks of which Airtel is one of them.

Send Please Call Me Back on Airtel

In a scenario like the one mentioned above, all you can think of doing would be to send a please call me back text message to someone who can be of help, and the thing to know about this service is the fact that these service providers offer this service all for free.

How To Send Please Call Me Back on Airtel

Before I continue with the simple process to sending a call me back SMS on Airtel, I think it should be worth knowing that the Call Me Back service can only be used within the Airtel network (i.e., you can only send this message to another Airtel subscriber and not phone lines outside the system). Now that that is out of the way let’s go with the procedure.

To send a call me back on Airtel

  • Dial *140*Recipient’s Phone Number#

To send a Please Credit ME call back SMS

  • Dial *141*8*Recipient’s Phone Number#

Those are the simple codes to send a call back on the Airtel network. 

NB: You can only send 5 call me back SMSs in a day.

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