Airtel has been one of the best internet service providers so far in Nigeria with their mouthwatering plans ranging from their cheap android plans data, down to the blackberry bundles that work for every device.

I decided to make a comprehensive list of all internet data plans that Airtel has provided for her customers. These would include the daily, weekly and monthly plans. Also I would outline the subscription or activation codes you would be using to subscribe to these plans and prices they are worth.

airtel internet bundle data plans in Nigeria

PlanData Allowance (NORMAL)Data Allowance (CURRENT)Retail Price (N)Validity periodUSSD Activation CodeSMS Activation Code
Trial1MB1MB01 day*141*13*1#Trial
Entry4MB6MB501 day*141*11*9#Entry
Daily10MB15MB1001 day*141*11*1#Daily
3-day25MB40MB2003 days*141*11*8#Three
Weekly50MB70MB3007 days*141*11*2#Weekly
Easy80 MB120MB50014 days*141*11*3#Easy
Top-Up100 MB100 MB600
786 plan125 MB125 MB78630 days*141*11*786#786
Lite200MB260MB1,00030 days*141*11*4#Lite
Midi250 MB325MB1,30030 days*141*11*5#Midi
Smartphone1500MB650MB2,00030 days*141*11*6#Smart1
Smart phone 21GB1.3GB3,00030 days*141*11*7#Smart2
Plus3GB3.9GB5,00030 days*141*12*1#plus
Max5GB6.6GB8,00030 days*141*12*2#max
Premium10GB13.3GB15,00030 days*141*12*3#premium
Prime15GB19.9GB22,00030 days*141*12*7#prime
Day150MB150MB50024 hours*141*12*5#day
Night Time (Off  Peak)3GB3.9GB2,50030 days*141*12*4#night
Weekend3GB3.9GB3,00030 days*141*12*6#weekend
To Check Data Usage *141*11*0#status


According to Airtel’s official Website, here are some recommendations for her users

The following plans (Entry,  Daily, 3-day, Weekly, Easy, 786-plan, Lite or Midi plans) are quite suitable for mobile phone user.

If you make use of a smartphone or a tablet, you might want to consider subscribing to either the  Smartphone1, Smartphone2, Plus or Max plans.

Heavy users that use their Dongles/MiFi/Routers, can also activate the  Smartphone1, Smartphone2, Plus, Max, Premium or Prime plans

If you need data plans for data specific purposes, then you should opt for the Day, Night Time or Weekend plans.

Note: If you wish to use SMS activation codes to subscribe, you need to send the SMS keyword to 440 otherwise, use the USSD activation codes. To check your data balance, send STATUS in an SMS to the same number (440).

I hope you find this list helpful. Please do not forget to share in your social circles. Cheers!

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