Airtel Nigeria offers its prepaid users a great variety of tariff plan depending on the customer’s interest in either more of data or more of voice call or even both data and voice call. The smart connect is one tariff plan that comes by default on getting a new Airtel sim, and grants bonuses that cover both voice call and data.

For the first three months of using this plan, you can enjoy 100% data bonus at the end of the month based on the value of your total recharges. The smart connect tariff plan also gives bonuses both on the voice call and bonus data on every recharge made. This is obviously one of the best Airtel tariff plans out there.

Airtel smart connect

How does Airtel Smart Connect Work

Airtel smart connect offer to it subscribers 700% bonus on every recharge that mounts to 8 times (x8) of any recharge which includes main balance, bonus voice, bonus data, bonus social, bonus FaF( family and friends).
On getting to recharge on the tariff plan the customer gets the following

If you recharge for N100, you will get:

  • N100 main bonus;
  • N250 voice bonus;
  • N250 data bonus;
  • N100 social bonus;
  • N100 FaF bonus.
  • In total, for your N100 recharge, you will get the services valued at N800.
  •  After 90 Days (3 months) customers also still stand to also enjoy 6 X the Value of your Recharge in addition to the existing
    If you recharge for N100, you will get: N100 main bonus;
  • N250 voice bonus;
  • N250 data bonus;
  • N100 social bonus;
  • N100 FAF bonus

Benefits of Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan

Not only does it give bonuses on every recharge made, the Airtel smart connect tariff plan also gives its customers

  • Double of all data purchased.
  • You can add up to 10 Family and Friends numbers.
  • Data bonus at the end of every month based on your recharge for that particular month.

How to Migrate/Activate to Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan

smartCONNECT is Airtel’s default bonus plan for prepaid customers that can be enjoyed on getting a new sim.

  • Just buy a new Airtel SIM Card
  • Register the SIM at any Airtel KYC registration point.
  • Insert the SIM in your phone
  • Recharge to start enjoying smart CONNECT bonuses

How to Add a Number to Family and Friends.

Register family and friends to enjoy the family and friend’s bonus on every recharge.

  • Dial *311*2*Airtel number# to register number.
  • Dial *311*3*Airtel number# to delete number.

Call rate calculation for Airtel smart connect

Main balance

Airtel to All Local Networks & Top 5 International Destinations: 50 kobo/sec

SMS to all Local Networks: N4/SMS

International SMS: N15/SMS

Data: 5 kobo/KB

Top 5 International destinations are: USA, Canada, China, India, UK Fixed


Airtel to All Local Networks: 60 kobo/sec

Family and Friends Calls: 40 kobo/sec

Bonus Data: N10MB

Social Data Bonus: N10/MB

How many minutes for 100 Naira on Airtel smart connect
Let’s get the variables laid out

Main balance  = 50kobo/second
Bonus balance  = 60kobo/second
FAF = 40kobo/second
1 minute=60seconds

Thus a minute’s call for all networks on the main balance =50 kobo x 60seconds = 3000kobo
Converting to naira =>3000÷100=30 Naira for every minute to all networks

While a minute’s call for all networks on the bonus balance =60 kobo x 60seconds = 3600kobo
Converting to Naira =>3600÷100=36 Naira for every minute to all networks

And lastly FnF (Family and Friends)  =40kobo x 60seconds = 2400kobo
Converting to naira =>2400÷100=24 Naira for every minute to all numbers registered on the FaF

Hence 1 minute to call on the Airtel smart connect will cost 30Naira/minute on main balance, 36Naira/minute on bonus balance and 24Naira/minute on FaF

Airtel Smart Connect FAQ

Below are some Frequently asked questions on Airtel Smart connect and answers to them. You might find some of them helpful.

1. Question: what if I migrate out of Airtel smart connect
Answer: If you migrate out of smartCONNECT, you will no longer enjoy these amazing benefits.

2. Question: Does my main balance expires
Answer: Your main account balance does not expire but your bonus balance expires after 7 days

3. Question: is family and friends available on Airtel smart connect
Answer: yes

4.Question: who can use Airtel smart connect
Answer: Airtel smart connect can only be used by new prepaid customers on the Airtel Network

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