In recent years, roaming has gained more popularity, owing to the fact that it gives smartphone users the ability to receive calls when they travel internationally, using the sim and phone number they used in their country of origin.

Roaming is expensive for the most part, it is for this reason that Airtel developed an Airtel Tariff Package that caters to the needs of those that are enslaved by the technology of roaming.
The Airtel Smart Roam gives its subscribers the ability to receive free calls internationally via Roam.

Airtel Smart Roam

In this article, I am going to be giving comprehensive details, on how to go about subscribing to the Airtel smart Roam Tariff plan, how the Airtel smart Roam Tariff plan, terms and conditions and the general benefits of the Airtel smart Roam Tariff plan.

How Does Airtel Smart Roam Work?

Airtel Smart Roam as mentioned earlier is a tariff plan that focuses on international network roaming, it delivers free incoming calls up to 500 minutes.

To enjoy this free incoming call package, you are required to have up to 5000 Naira worth of airtime in your Airtel account, after which you can begin to enjoy your 500 minutes of free incoming calls. This 500 minutes of free incoming calls is valid for 30 days, after which you are required to load another 5000 Naira worth of airtime if the airtime you had before depleted.

This free 500 minutes incoming roaming calls only apply to Airtel subscribers living in 5 selected countries, these countries include;

  • Saudi Arabia (Zain)
  • South Africa (Cell C, Vodacom)
  • United Kingdom (Orange, Vodafone)
  • United States (AT & T)
  • United Arab Emirates (Etisalat)

The carriers in the bracket, besides these countries listed, are the roaming partners Airtel has in the various countries. To enjoy smart roam, you will need to hook up to the one available in the country you migrated to.

Note: Airtel subscribers in Saudi Arabia are privileged to enjoy only 100 minutes of free incoming calls.

Benefits of Airtel Smart Roam Tariff Plan

The benefit of being on the smart Roam tariff plan is very lucid.
Airtel Smart Roam offers up to 500 minutes of free incoming calls to subscribers who are in Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, and the United Arab Emirates.

How To Migrate/ Activate Airtel Smart Roam Tariff Plan

Airtel Smart Roam doesn’t have any migration or activation code, the prerequisite here is for you to have a minimum of 5000 Naira worth of Airtime in your Airtel account. Activation is automatic.

Smart Roam FAQs

1. Which subscriber can enjoy smart roam?
Both Airtel prepaid and post-paid subscribers can enjoy Smart Roam Tariff Plan.

2. As a post-paid subscriber with credit limit, can I qualify for this offer?
For post-paid subscribers with 5000 Naira credit limit and above, you will get this benefit after bill run.

3. How long is the free incoming calls valid for?The 500 minutes and 100 minutes free incoming calls, is valid for 30 days, after which you will you have to load another 5000 worth it Airtime.

4. Can I load 1000 Naira five times or 500 Naira 10 places and still qualify for this benefit?
As long as you are able to load 500 Naira and above within a month, YES.

5. What will happen to my 5000 Naira worth of Airtime after loading it?
It will still be in your account and can be used for roaming calls, SMS or data.

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