When talking about Network providers in Nigeria that give her customers a wide range of options to comfortably suite themselves with the cheapest call rate one can ever ask for, I will tell you to do yourself a very big favour and take a pause to consider the AIRTEL NETWORK.

Airtel Network has always been on top of their games when it comes to providing to their customers a tariff plan that gives the subscriber one of the cheapest call rate one can ever ask for. To make things even better Airtel introduced the AIRTEL SMART TALK. 2.0

Airtel Smart Talk

Airtel Smart Talk is one of the cheapest Airtel network tariff plan when it comes to a voice call and it offers to its subscriber the lowest call rates of 11 Kobo per Sec (11K/s) to all network provider in Nigeria.

How does the Airtel SmartTalk 2.0 tariff plan work

The Airtel Smart Talk prepaid call plan is cheap yet straightforward with its terms.

The call rate on Airtel Smart Talk is charged at 11kobo/sec, but the subscriber gets to pay 5 Naira as a daily charge the moment he/she starts their first call for the day in other to enable them to make calls for as low 11kobo/ second.

We will come to the calculations as to how much for a minute’s call that would cost you below.

Now, the rate at which you call after the deduction of 5 Naira for your main balance is the same across all networks and not just limited to calls to the Airtel customers. You can call any network at that same price.

Benefits of Airtel Smart Talk tariff plan

In as much as the Smart Talk offer it’s subscriber a very cheap call rate, they still stand the chance to enjoy the following

SMS to an international number is N15/SMS while it is 4 Naira for local SMS.

You will be charged a daily access fee of #5 on your first call. You will not be charged on days you don’t make calls.

Calls made to international numbers in USA, Canada, China, India and UK attracts a call rate of 20k/second

PAY U data at 5k/kb.

How To Migrate/Activate to Airtel Smart Premier
(Migration code)

The activation process for Airtel smart premiere tariff plan is one of the simplest and straightforward processes one can ever ask for on the Airtel Network.

  • Dial *315#
  • Or send “yes” to “315” to activate.

Call Rate calculator for Airtel Smart Talk tariff plan

On the basics of Airtel Smart Talk Tariff operating system, where the 5 Naira will be debuted for your balance every day before you can start enjoying the 11kobo/sec call rate to all network.
We will be making necessary calculations based on this system.

How many minutes for N100 Airtime on Airtel smart premiere tariff plan

Let get the variables laid out

5 Naira deduction from your account on a daily base
Airtel smart premiere call rate for the rest of the day= 11kobo/sec
One minute = 60 seconds

Cost For the calls after 5Naira deduction= 11 × 60= 660 kobo
Converting to Naira => 660÷100= 6 Naira,6k/minute

You get to make calls at the rate of 11kobo/second after deduction of 5Naira for your main balance every day.

On the basis of the above calculations,
N100 Naira should give you 14 minutes, 40seconds of voice call irrespective of the network provider you chose to call.

Airtel Smart Talk FAQ

Below are some Frequently asked questions on Airtel Smart Talk and answers to them. You might find some of them helpful.

1. What is the SMS rate for Airtel Smart Talk?
On-net SMS: N4/SMS
Off-net SMS: N4/SMS
International: N15/SMS

2. Is there a Migration fee?
a) The first profile migration is FREE on the network
b) Only one FREE profile migration is allowed within 30 days
c) Migration fee of N100 to be charged customers on subsequent migrations.

3. Does the Airtel Smart Talk subscriber get to enjoy Family and friends benefits also?
No, all calls are charged at equal rate irrespective of the network provider.

4. Who can use the Airtel Smart Talk Tariff Plan?
Airtel smart premier can be used by all new and existing prepaid customers on the Airtel network.

5. Is there any bonus a customer get to enjoy on the Airtel Smart Premier?


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