One amazing thing about a network provider such as Airtel Network is their ability to nicely suit the needs of their customers with an Airtel tariff plan that does not just only give good deals on-call rate but also include a good data package.

There have been a whole lot of tariff plans on this network, but considering the data package and the rate at which calls are charged, a customer stands to enjoy on the Airtel smartTRYBE shows the extent to which the Airtel Network has their customer at heart.

Airtel smartTRYBE

The Airtel smartTRYBE is a product that enables it’s customer to enjoy best data package, calls rate to all networks, and even night browsing for their favorite movies, series, and music.

To get things more interesting, the Airtel smartTRYBE tariff plan gives you as a customer on the Airtel Network the liberty to call all networks at the same call rate.

How Does The Airtel smartTRYBE Tariff Plan work

The Airtel smartTRYBE tariff plan is a full package that got you covered both on data and the rate at which you make calls

The call rate on the Airtel smartTRYBE is as low as 20 Kobo/second for the first 50 seconds and 11 Kobo/second for the rest of the call to all network, and also awards 30% additional data when you purchase any bundle above 500 Naira.

The customer still gets the chance to enjoy very cheap data package for their night browsing.

Benefits of Airtel smartTRYBE tariff plan

Even with the best of deals, you can get on calls and data on the Airtel smartTRYBE tariff plan, customers still get to enjoy offers such as

Free 15 MB every week

Night Browsing for as low as 25 Naira for 500MB and 200 Naira for 1.5 GB from the hours of 12 am to 5 am

Calls rate is same to all networks

NB: The night Browsing is only open to customers who are on the Airtel smartTRYBE tariff plan.

Awards 30% additional data when you purchase any bundle above 500 Naira

How To Migrate/Activate to Airtel smartTRYBE
(Migration code)

The activation process for Airtel smartTRYBE tariff plan is one of the simplest and straightforward processes one can ever ask for on the Airtel Network.

  • Simple Dial *312#
  • Or send yes to 312

Call Rate calculator for Airtel smartTRYBE tariff plan

On the basics of Airtel smartTRYBE Tariff operating system, where you get charged at the call rate of 20 Kobo/second for the first 50 seconds and then 11 Kobo for the rest of the call time
We will be making necessary calculations based on this working system of the tariff plan.

How many minutes for N100 Airtime on Airtel smart premiere tariff plan

Let get the variables laid out

Airtel smartTRYBE call rate for First 50 second’s = 20 Kobo/sec
Airtel smartTRYBE call rate after First 50 second for the rest of the call = 11 Kobo/sec
One minute = 60seconds

Cost For the first 50 seconds = 20 × 50= 1000 kobo
Converting to Naira => 1200 ÷ 100= 10 Naira/minute

Cost after the first 50 seconds per minute=> 11 × 60 = 660 Kobo
Converting to Naira => 660 ÷ 100 = 6 Naira, 6 Kobo/ minute

You get to make calls at the rate of 20 kobo/second for the first 50 seconds and for 11 Kobo/second for the rest of the seconds of the call for every call

On the basis of the above calculations,

N100 Naira should give you 14 minutes,45 seconds of voice call irrespective of the network provider you chose to call.

Airtel smartTRYBE FAQ

Below are some Frequently asked questions on Airtel smartTRYBE and answers to them. You might find some of them helpful.

1. What is the sms rate for Airtel smartTRYBE?
On-net SMS: N4/SMS
Off-net SMS: N4/SMS
International: N15/SMS

2. Is there a Migration fee?
a) The first profile migration is FREE on the network
b) Only one FREE profile migration is allowed within 30 days
c) Migration fee of N100 to be charged customers on subsequent migrations.

3. Does the Airtel smartTRYBE subscriber get to enjoy Family and friends benefits also?
No, all calls are charged at equal rate irrespective of the network provider.

4. Who can use the Airtel smartTRYBE tariff plan?
Airtel smart premier can be used by all new and existing prepaid customers on the Airtel network.

5. Can I carry over benefits on the night bundle if I don’t consume them fully?
No. Night bundle benefits are only valid till 4.59am. Any value not consumed by then will be lost.

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