Creativity is life. It must always be worked on and improved on to get yourself past your comfort zone. The need to get creative will still arise but are you always ready for it? To make that answer a yes, here are 7 Amazing Ways To Boost Your Creativity Instantly:

Ways To Boost Your Creativity

1. Think Outside The Box

When you encounter a challenge that is proving too complicated to be solved, we usually try to force things and ponder on it for an extended period. At last, we realize all that does not change anything, and that is when we shift our focus to something else. A psychological gap is then created.

We give our imaginations the free will to do as it pleases and take up an abstract level of thinking. Scientific American raised a suggestion that we can attempt to change the manner we think about a problem by embracing the perspective as another person. This can be done by pondering on the issue from several angles.

Angles like asking yourself questions as per how different the difficulty will be if it happened sometime in the future rather than now, seeking opinions from others, or going on a journey to some location to think about the issue. Simply put, you have to find your way to the outer part of the box before you can think outside it.

2. Absent-Minded Drawing

Doodling is a way of undertaking a new point of view – visually. Whenever we find it difficult to invent fresh ideas, letting our mind travel using random drawings allow you have a feel of the subconscious part of your mind which is rarely accessed by us. What this means is that we tend to now come up with ideas we cannot think about consciously. Studies have also proven that sketching and doodling aid the understanding of things.

Knowing all there is to know about the problem will aid you to discover the right and more creative solutions to it. Draw pictures or patterns while thinking about something else also boosts concentration and memory by cognitive psychologists. Even if we do not know doddle during a meeting or in a classroom, there are known personalities that do so in such environments. Former presidents Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton are some of them.

3. Meditation

How will you discover an innovative idea if your mind is occupied with thoughts about anything else except the concept? These other distractions will hinder your creativity since they also bite into your mental stamina, leaving you with a lack of focus and tiredness.

This is the reason why you have to free your mind first before you start work on any task, especially when it concerns a deep level of thinking. Meditation can do the job in two ways. The first way is focused-attention meditation – where the person is focused on a specific thought or object and the second way is open-monitoring meditation – when the person thinks without concentrating on anything.

4. Play A Little

Everyone sees playing as a childish thing. People say it a waste of time as you are not productive when you do it. What fails to remember that we aid ourselves to boost our creativity as we free ourselves from all tasks and play for a while. There are lots of studies that say video gaming improves your creativity, decision-making and the way you perceive things. But as we know, playing is not only connected to video games.

We can have fun with our favorite sports and use some energy, or play a musical instrument, or chase a domestic animal, or even chill at the beach. All this helps to make our escape from work for the time being. When you finally head back to what it is you were working on, your thinking will be more flexible and no longer stressful.

5. Positive Vibe

Positive psychology talks up a person being more adventurous, and it boosts creative thinking. Psychologists think that when we are happy, we are more open to exploring new things. Ans this stimulates our creativity.

6. Exercise

It enhances your creativity whether you are in the right mood or not. The reasons behind this are unclear though, but a theory by Naturally Savvy said exercising, whether it’s running, swimming or any sports, will need us to concentrate on the activity itself, so we do not even have the opportunity to give anything else priority other than the present task of working that body.

As soon as we are at that stage, the regular thinking pattern will cease, and we will be more willing to accommodate fresh ideas that will pop up from anywhere. Exercise also gets the blood pumping throughout the body, and the brain is not excluded.

7. Stare At The Blue Color

As weird as it sounds it is true. Studies have said that staring at the blue color, the color of the sky and the sea is mostly connected with peace and tranquility, which signifies safety to do and undo with your creativity.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of 7 amazing ways to boost your creativity. Following these steps, you are assured of an improvement in your creativity.


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