If you are one of those geeks out there who would like to incorporate a forum in your wordpress blog, you might have considered installing the bbPress plugin. It comes with lots of functions, and for me, it’s one of the best wordpress forum plugin out there.

a list of bbpress shortcodes

Here are a comprehensive list of bbPress shortcodes you can use after you install the bbPress software in your WordPress blog.

List of bbPress Shortcodes


[bbp-forum-index] – This will Show your entire forum index.
[bbp-forum-form] – Show the ‘New Forum’ form.
[bbp-single-forum id=$forum_id] – Show a single forums topics eg. [bbp-single-forum id=32]


[bbp-topic-index] – This will show the most recent 15 topics across all your forums with pagination.
[bbp-topic-form] – This will show the ‘New Topic’ form where you can choose from a drop down menu the forum that this topic is to be associated with.
[bbp-single-topic id=$topic_id] – Show a specific topic eg. [bbp-single-topic id=4096]
[bbp-xxx-xxx id=$forum_id]** – Show the ‘New Topic Form’ for a specific forum ID. See #1649

[bbp-reply-form] – Show the ‘New Reply’ form.
[bbp-single-reply id=$topic_id] – Show the ‘Reply Form’ for a specific topic ID. eg. [bbp-single-reply id=32768]

Topic Tags

[bbp-topic-tags] – Show a tag cloud of all topic tags
[bbp-single-topic-tag id=$tag_id] – Show a list of all topics associated with a specific tag eg. [bbp-single-topic-tag id=$64]

Single view – Show topics associated with a specific view

Login – Show the login screen
Register – Show the register screen
Lost Password – Show the lost password screen

This is the complete list of bbPress shortcodes you can use to customize your forum on your wordpress blog.



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