It’s 25th of December 2014, it’s a time for celebration and merriment, I hope you are enjoying it. Here today with me is Mi Muba, remember our “how to build your blog interview series“, this seems to be the last interview in this interview series, but trust me, it’s packed with alot to blow your mind.

This interview is lengthy, I hope you have your soft drink by the coner so that you can sip it while you read along.

Mi Muba has come here to let us know how to be a money blogger ๐Ÿ™‚ sounds great? I hope you all will want to be money bloggers, but how? Lets keep it going.

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Okay! Lets proceed properly to the interview.

1. Hi Mi Muba, welcome to FTB, our readers would like to know whom you are, so please in some lines tell us about yourself.

First of all thanks a lot for featuring me at your wonderful blog. I feel so honored to be here and talking to your awesome blog community.

I have been associated with different professions in my life including teaching, media management, public relation, journalism, event management, environmental awareness, NGO management etc before joining blogging.

Now I am a full-time blogger with my blogging consultancy business to non-profit sector more particularly.

Basically I provide consultancy to businesses, political organizations and non-governmental organization on โ€œhow to become your own publisherโ€.

2. Wow! I never knew you were a master in many fields, that sounds great you know. Apart from blogging was there any online business you found yourself in before blogging?

More than many offline businesses I have done so far but no any online before blogging.
From selling candies to manage my living during my student life to real estate brokerage; used cars seller to private tutor; small school owner to newspaper proof reader are a few businesses and jobs I did in my early life when I was trying to complete my education.

After successfully completing my double post graduation – one in Economics and one in Commerce – I was associated to a number of formal professions as I mentioned replying your first question.

3. You really did a lot of businesses before venturing into blogging, and I’m just confused why you quited them all. From the begining, what propelled you to venture into blogging?

Complete freedom while earning money and making my living was my dream from my childhood.

Because of having no big money to invest and start a profitable business I could not have made my dream come true and had to do multiple small jobs in every phase of my life.

Once I got to know fully how blogging can be started with a little investment and be made the source of full-time earning I never looked here and there and just glued to it without second thought.

4. Oh! I see, great move you made there. At the early stage, how was blogging like? (Please tell on details)

I was fired from a job four years back and was much upset on being jobless.

Then my wife asked me to do something where I need not to rely on others policy of either retaining my services or firing me.
So I did a little research on internet and was much surprised to read about blogging. I read a huge number of posts from the blogs of Lisa Irby, John Chow, Darren Rowse and Steve Pavlina.

The amazing videos of Lisa cleared my vision about blogging and especially of niche website. As you know till 2010 and even after that for a long time niche website was considered the easiest way to earn money online.

So I started thinking to create a few niche websites to check how far I could go into this field.

Almost after one week of my researching I started my first website Pollution Pollution Dot Com.
I was hoping to have huge traffic at it as after researching I got an impression getting traffic is quite easy.

But rise in traffic was so slow at my newly created website and I got a little confused either I was doing something wrong or the great bloggers who I read in detailed were telling lie.

I was confused to either continue blogging or quit it. I was regularly managing my website on green niche but not very passionately because of slow rise of traffic.

In desperation I placed an ad at a few job websites offering my blogging services including content writing, SEO and SMO. Though I was not much expert at that time but in desperation I decided to sell my skills and earn money because I was not seeing any huge response at my then newly created website on green niche.

Then I got an email from a stranger living in London. He introduced himself an owner of an NGO and shared with me that he wanted to create so many niche website to earn money online for doing charity work for his NGO. It was a great offer for me as I was also working on the same line.

So I joined him and then all my financial worries vanished because I started earning a decent amount of money as being his blogging consultant and was also giving time to manage my green blog which I earlier was taking as simply a website.

Once I got cleared niche website can never be a long term project to earn money online because of skyrocketing competition I decided to treat it as a blog and still managing it and making money for my living.

5. It’s really funny that you thought that those Pro bloggers lied, lol.. What is blogging to you? (Please Define In Details)

The first word comes into my mind is ease or convenience or support or help as the best description of blogging.

Blogging is an ease because it makes your promotional, marketing and publicity efforts easier and you can bring buyers at your blog with your SEO based contents to sell them your products.

Blogging is a convenience as you donโ€™t have to hire a huge sales and marketing team to sell your products and all you can do at your blog with minimum possible human resources.

You just have to convey your message with all the available free and premium online resources including social media, forums, communities and Adwords.

As a result of your efforts buyers come to your blog, listen or read your sales pitch and buy their required products. No transportation, no demo meetings, no front-desk customer care or no visit of showroom is required to sell products through your blog.

Blogging is a support to promote your offline business and expand its market by telling about your business to more people who you canโ€™t access without it.

Look, you are in an African country and I am in an Asian country right now and easily sharing our views with each other because of blogging.
I am easily promoting my personal brand here and you are making me speak which your readers want to know and learn. So this is the supportive feature of blogging.

Blogging is the wonderful source to helping others. It is the best way to educate others, motivate them, inspire them and bring them to your blog community to keep helping them by providing the best solutions of their problem. If some of them afford to get your premium solutions itโ€™s equally helpful for you to earn money while helping people.

6. That was a wow definition of blogging, I’ve never thought of it in that dimension. How many blogs do you manage as at now?

Right now I have three blogs.

  • One is green blog the main source of my living,
  • Another one is on capital markets and in Urdu language.
  • Last but not the least is money blog where I am getting extra ordinary response and that is why shifted my focus a little from capital market blog to this one as now I am more than hopeful to make it a big success in near future.

7. Do you see blogging as the best way or one of the best ways to make money online?

Obviously it is one of the best ways to make money online. It is the best option for those who are sellers by nature or who canโ€™t live happily without sharing their views with others.

In terms of marketing there are two types of people in this world. One type is of sellers and other type is of buyers.

Sellers even buy a thing keeping in mind the option of its reselling if need arises. While buyers buy a saleable thing without any proper plan to resell it and that is why fail to resell it further at an appropriate price.

So blogging is the best option to earn money for those who are seller by nature.

8. The Seller and buyer concept of blogging, that’s really cool ๐Ÿ™‚ . From your blogs url (beamoneyblogger) I assume you teach how one can be able to make money from their blogs. How do you monitize your blog?

You would be surprised to know I havenโ€™t monetized it as yet.

In February 2015 my money blog will be of one year. After that I will monetize it thoroughly and extensively examining what my blog community exactly wants to select a perfect range of products to sell them for the solution of their various problems.

I admit that I made a delay in monetizing it but this is my strategic move because I am not confused:

  • If I can earn money with my blog because I am already earning money from my other blog so I donโ€™t have any doubt about it.
  • After how much time I will make money with it. Here again I already have practical experienced with my green blog that first one has to bring a huge amount of traffic and convert it as blog community then one can easily earn money with his blog.

Right now I am just going through the process of building and expanding an engaging community of money blog.

9. Which is the best method to monitize a blog?

Selling and only selling. Either you sell your products or affiliate products.

The most lucrative way is to sell any formally developed service as a product like online tutorial or e-course or online video university.

The foundation of the blog monetization must be stronger enough to make it a business. Otherwise if you try to sell whatever offer you get you can become an online hawker and always keep waiting for the offer from a manufacturer to sell his product and make not-so-huge amount of money.

10. What techniques are required to make money from a blog?

The same techniques are required which an offline seller needs plus your trustworthy online presence as an authority in your field. To achieve this one has to do a lot of hard work.

It takes much time to build your online presence by actively participating at social media, forums and communities. You donโ€™t just have to be another online guy but to make your presence felt you need to participate in the discussion, share your views, listen to others and confront and consent with them very politely.

Once you share your knowledge on your niche with the online communities your authority in your field is automatically built up. So you just need to prove online who you are and how wonderful you are. After that monetizing is just like a childโ€™s play for you.

If you observe there are thousands of guys at social media who donโ€™t have any blog but they have huge number of followers. They just have established their awesome online presence to avail it to support their job, business and to keep the option of starting their online business whenever they want.

11. What are the essential tools required for making money from a blog?

There are two types of tools you require to make money from your blog.

One type is non-technical tools. But their value is higher than their counterpart. They are your passion, knowledge, consistency and strategy for what to sell and who to sell.

Also your power of getting others attention towards you with your useful contents and make them your loyal readers.

Other type is technical tools for making money from your blog. They are:

  • Keyword planner to decide which phrase you should use in your post related to its topic to be easily searched on internet.
  • SEO plugin either any reliable free or premium one to tell search engines you have a phrase in your post which people are searching in huge number.
  • Social media sharing tool or your regular slot of time to share your posts at a few top social media as I do at FB, Twitter and G massively and also a few other social media off and on.
  • Your selection of an affiliate to sell its products if you want to become an affiliate marketer
  • Creation of your own product to sell it for solving the most common problems of your blog community or meeting its main demands

12. The more popular a blog gets is the more it stands chances of making money. So how do you promote your blog?

The same methods I follow to promote my blogs as others do including:

  • Writing SEO based and people based contents.
  • Promoting them at social media, forums and blogging communities.
  • Actively interacting with others.
  • Always be ready to attend my visitors.
  • Running my customer care office though social media and blog commenting

13. Please can you tell us how much you earn from your blog (beamoneyblogger)?

I regularly get offers of random selling of affiliate products and writing products review which I very politely turn down and tell them I have yet to monetize my blog.

As I said earlier I have plan to lay a strong foundation to monetize my blog as I am already earning a decent amount of money from my other blog so I donโ€™t want to make haste to earn yet another decent amount from this one. I have the right to think big and I am fully exploiting my right. ๐Ÿ™‚

14. It’s shocking that you’re yet to monetize your money blog, but I buy your idea on starting the monetization in a big way though. For newbies who want to make money from their blog, what is the first thing you think should be given more consideration to?

They must create value in their any kind of online venture. Here value means the thing you create at your blog either it is contents, products or service must have a unique thing which earlier was never offered.

Or it should be a way-forward to already available things. Or it should be an advance version in terms of ease, utility and price.

One canโ€™t put value just after starting his blog. So he needs to first keep creating identical contents but keep improving his knowledge to, later on, start putting value in his every creation.
15. Do you think that one can make money from their blogs without adsense? If yes then tell us how.

PPC is an inbound way of earning money. You canโ€™t tell online communities at forums and social media that โ€œoh come to my blog and you will find a huge variety of ads to click on themโ€.

So you just have to rely on the promotion of your contents to bring traffic and then show them PPC ads if they want to click on them. So chance factor is quite higher in terms of earning money with any type of PPC ads including Google Adsense.

While going for other methods like affiliate marketing and your own products you can tell online communities that you have showcased a new product at your blog and they should check it. This you do by sharing your product reviews and informative posts on your own products.

16. Are there secrets for one to be a money blogger? Let us know.

Yes there is only one secret to be a money blogger and finally, I am sharing it here. The secret is โ€œTHERE IS NO SECRET TO BE A MONEY BLOGGERโ€ if one follows the best strategy he can earn money and even huge money with his consistency and hard work.


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17. What is/are your advice(s) to newbies who want to be a money blogger?

Donโ€™t make haste to join blogging nor make extraordinary delay.
First do extensive research to confirm if you can continue it and then join to be a symbol of success in this field. Always remember blogging is not an end of this world but being a free or cheap option you should once try it without quitting your job or business to fully check if you can be successful in it.

18. It’s nice having you on my blog. Thanks for the visit.

My pleasure Larry and I do appreciate the way you crafted your questions and I really enjoyed replying them.

Your each question reflects your intention to serve the maximum needs of your blog community and help them solve their problems. This is called interviewing with a proper vision.
Have a successful blogging journey.

Thanks Sir ๐Ÿ™‚

Winding It Up

It’s no doubt that you’ve learnt a thing from this interview, Mo Muba has really shared a lot here, so it sure will be nice you implement them, and trust me, you won’t regret blogging in the year 2015.

What’s Your Say?

Are there ways to being a money blogger which you’ve given a try? Tell us your experience.
What method has been working for you? Also let us know.


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  1. Hi Larry

    First of all a big thank you for publishing my interview on this blissful moment of Christmas. So a very Merry Christmas to you and all the wonderful readers of your blog.

    Secondly I love the way of formatting you made that shows your deep insight into the art of publishing interview. You projected all those points which you think will benefit your readers.

    Whenever and wherever I am featured I not only get diverted traffic at my blog but also get to know so many wonderful people. Half of the people in my friends circle met me through someone else. It shows the power of networking.

    Once again thanks a lot and Happy Holidays.

    • Hi Mi Muba,
      I also wish you you the best in this festive season, I hope you are rocking it too.

      It’s my pleasure that you honored my invitation, and I’m glad to feature you live here on my blog, I really appreciate that. Trust me, you’ll get to meet some new fellows over here.

      Thanks once more for comming overm and do enjoy the Xmas. A Merry Xmas To You ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Muba sir,
    I am glad to see you here. I read first time your interview. Thanks for telling each and everything in very clear and perfect way.
    Also thanks to you larry for this great interview. I am agree with Muba sir that “THERE IS NO SECRET TO BE A MONEY BLOGGER”, you need only some efforts.

    With Regards,

    • Hi Naveen,
      It’s good you like this interview, and understand that it takes effort and persistence to be a money blogger.
      Thanks for sharing your view about this interview.
      Have a wonderful day ahead, and enjoy the Xmas ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I really follow the idea of a newbie to first build a value for their blog before thinking of monetization.
    A blog must have at least 10 – 20 quality and informative contents that people will value and love to share with their cohorts. If one’s blog can have such a wonderful dedicated reader and sharer, then more followers will follow the blog making it having more FANS.

    Thanks for this wonderful piece of information

    • Hi Lawrence,
      Welcome to my blog, it’s good you like this interview with Mi Muba. I have come to agree with you that every newbie must have a number of quality and attractive posts before monitization as it’s necessary.

      All credits to Mi Muba for his thoughs and advices.
      Thanks for dtopping by, and a Merry Xmas ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi Larry,

    Thanks for taking Mi Muba sir here. He is a problogger as well as a nice person. I agree to you sir that there is no secret to be a money blogger but what is necessary is the dedication and the hard work. If we can do this, we can be the next money blogger.

    You’ve really shared some nice tips here. Thanks Larry for sharing !!


  5. Hi Larry, yeah the topic does sound great. Nice to read this well detailed interview by a pro in the field. We all face the same problem at first, expecting traffic to stare at us in the face once we begin blogging, then end up quiting when it’s not coming forth. An example to others to persevere and use different strategies to make that happen.

    Always the same thing top bloggers say, sharing post to social networking sites, keyword planning and analysis and the likes to get our content to the audience. One I never considered is paying more attention to the needs of the readers to the extent of having a customer help service. This post is an eye opener. Thanks for sharing Muba.

  6. This is really an eye opener. It is good to know that “THERE IS NO SECRET TO BE A MONEY BLOGGER”. I will still like to highlight the point that blogging is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. So newbie bloggers should be aware of this.

  7. Great Interview! I am glad to read a lot about Mi Muba. Great experience you have Mate. There are a lot of things we should learn from you.

    Great Job you have done bro! ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice Interview.

  8. Hi Larry

    It was good to learn so many new things about Mi Muba. I know his blog, but feel I learned a lot more about him as a person from reading this interview.

    Interesting that, despite the title of his blog, he has yet to monetize it. However this fits in perfectly with what I was taught a few years ago – WAIT before monetizing. So it’s good to see that such a successful blogger as Mi Muba agrees with this tactic.

    Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year, Joy

  9. Great interview! I’d like to add that blogging is great for people who want to sell something but don’t like selling or are not good at selling. I’m both – I don’t like selling and I’m not terribly good at it. Fortunately, as a writer, what I do sells itself – people who find my writing either like it and want to hire me or they don’t. By the time they contact me, they’re already sold on whether they like what I do.

  10. Hi Larry,

    Great Interview. I’m a big fan of Mi Muba sir. Many things I have been learn from this post. Both of you are great blogger.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome interview with us.
    A lovely Happy new year both of you in advance.


  11. Hi Mi Muba, and welcome to Larry’s blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry, I am a little late in commenting here, but I had this post bookmarked and kept aside to comment on, and I am so glad I made it. Gives me immense pleasure to see one Ahaian interviewing another, so how could I miss this one out ๐Ÿ™‚

    This is a great interview, Larry. I find Mi Muba as one of the most sincere, smart, and successful bloggers. He’s also a good person and is always sharing his intelligent views on diverse topics. That is evident by the versatile experience that he has had before he began blogging. It’s great to know more about Mi Muba from anywhere and everywhere ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mi Muba, you’ve gone through hardships, that I’d say has brought out the best in you. Definitely, blogging is associated with freedom, and you become your own boss. And yes, blogging requires little investment in comparison to other offline businesses.

    I never made any niche websites, and I was wondering if I should make a few. Your experience gives me some understanding in this aspect. I agree with your view of blogging, but I’d say that it is not easy. It consumes a lot of your time, yet you cannot complete all the blogging tasks.

    It’s a surprise that your blog is not even a year old because it seems we have been interacting for ages already! You’re right that you do need a good amount of traffic on your blog before you can start earning from it. I totally agree with you when you say that one should create value in their online venture before even thinking of earning money through the blog. The process does take some time.

    Thank you Mi Muba for sharing your insights and the in-depth story of your blogging career and blog, and thanks Larry for this interview and interesting and probing questions that brought out the answers helpful to all bloggers. Have a wonderful week ahead, both of you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Ma’am Herleena,
      It doesn’t matter if you are late or not, what matters is that you stopped by ๐Ÿ™‚ I really appreciate that.

      I agree with you that Mi Muba is a sincere, smart and sucessful blogger, I’ve read his blog for couple of months and I can attest to that. His experience has really spoken for him.

      I’m glad that you learnt a thing from thing from this interview. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the rest of the year.
      Happy New year in advance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. sir I know you, but now I was read your full post many top bloggers like Krishankumar and others are said on you, any how i am happy to met you thank you sir I wish You Happy New Year

    • Hi Mavenkat,
      It’s good to see you here at my blog, you are most welcome. It’s good you’ve been seeing MI Muba around the web and aswell you’ve learnt a thing from tthis interview.
      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate and a happy new year in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hello Larry!

    Thank you for the impact.

    Going through this last interview with Mi Muba, makes me wish there was still more to come.

    He was completely write in the earning aspect. A blog need to be of age before you start thinking of monetization.

    I liked the interviews, from Doncaprion, Harleena singh, Oscarmini (the man who knows his blogging onion) and down to Mi Muba. And I must say, my knowledge bank was fully enriched with the brave answers provided by this great men.

    To have gotten them here, to produce answers to the yet undying questions of the young shall grow bloggers out there, i will rap up by saying You are a saviour to many.

    Uche Francis.

    • Hi Uche,
      Thanks for your kind words, I’m glad you’ve been following us on the how to build your blog interview series, and I’m also glad you benefited from it. All the bloggers whom visited us shared lots of insightfuls that will sure be of help to newbies in tthe blogosphere.

      I really appreciate your stopping by. Merry Xmas bro ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hi Larry and Mi,

    This was an insightful interview with solid advice. Mi I love your definition of value. You explained how one must have an unique thing and he get that thing through his experience. That’s inspiring for a new blogger because blogging can be confusing like you said.

    I agree that blogging is a wonderful source for helping others. This is something you emphasize in most of your posts so I know how important it is. I’m committed to helping others this year with my blog by inspiring them and giving them hope and strength. Your posts always make me find myself.

    You both did a wonderful job with this interview, thank you both! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Hello Vernon,
      It’s good to see you once again on my blog, being committed to helping others using our blogs should be our primary aim.
      thanks for stopping by and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  15. Hello Larry, and Mi Muba sir,

    It’s my first time on your blog, let me firstly compliment you for a Awesome blog you’ve designed.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    When it comes to interview it’s really awesome and always nice to see mi muba sir interview because he is one of the great inspirational blogger, i am a regular visitor of his blog.

    Today i have seen some unknown fact about Mi Muba sir on your blog and such a inspirational interview you have made.

    And larry you are a fantastic writer bro, the way of writing, i just loved it. keep rocking bro…. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Looking forward for more from interview series,

  16. what more can i say mi muba has said it all, two things i learn from this interview is consistancy, providing valauble content, and secondly alway engage yourself in the blogging community is sure way to sucess in blogging journey.

    and one more thing that i learn from the interview is know what your audience want before monetizing your blog


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