Android and iOS users can attest to the fact that several ads and pop-ups infiltrates a user’s online experience. But there is good news, developers have worked on ad blockers to end our daily frustration on the internet. Now you can get on your computer to surf the web, and do just that without ad-interference. To enable you select right from the so many options before you, Here are the Best Ad-blocker Apps For Android and iPhone (iOS) 2019:

best Adblocker apps for android and iOS

1. Brave Browser

This app has just one job – To ensure your browsing is more secure and rapid. It was built to help you block pop-ups and optimize your data and battery use. It is notorious for stripping sites of any ad and making your browsing experience pretty much, ad-less. What sets this app apart from the others is the aggressive and anti-ad charisma that comes with it. The app even goes as far as replacing online ads with adverts from its own network. It eradicates ad-trackers as well. On PC, many users say Brave Browser loads pages twice as fast as Mozilla and Chrome.

2. Adblock Browser

This app is quite popular as it is currently used on over 100,000 devices. It has to be doing something right to rack up that number. It is compatible with Android 2.3 and above with an installation internal storage of 24MB. It is also available on iPhones iOS 8 and above.

3. Adguard Content Blocker

This is an amazing tool for anyone that preaches online privacy and abdolute security. It does a fantastic job to eliminate online tracking, annoying ads and malware. It doesn’t spare pop-ups, banners and video-ads as well. Your data is protected from numerous trackers scattered all over the internet nowadays.

4. Adblock Fast

This app pride itself to be one that consumes less resources compared to other adblockers. It is also known for executing 7,000 X fewer filtering rules just for one page.

It consumes fewer kilobytes of disk and your computer is allowed and aided to run faster. Android and iOS users enjoy the benefits that come with this Ad-block Fast.

5. Purify

This is an effective ad-blocker that is very effective to use. Your pages load four times as fast and it goes out of its way to prevent anything you do not want getting into your device. This app reduces your regular data usage by half.

6. Trust Go Ad Detector

This is for the apps that come with ads. This ad-blocker detects such apps after scanning your system and let you know which of them is a potential security threat that you must avoid. It is an easy app with simple UI.

7. Wipr

The app blocks ad trackers and other displeasing pop-ups. It ensures your concentration on the content that is important to you is not distracted. Web pages load quicker and do not slow down your browsing experience. It works on Safari.

8. AppBrain Ad Detector

This app is effective when it comes to notifying you about applications that come with unfavorable permissions so you can decide whether you want to retain or discard it. That extra bit of security you seek is guaranteed with the AppBrain Ad Detector.

9. Firefox Focus

This app is available on Google play and iOS. It takes up just 7 MB of your internal storage. This proves its lightness as it takes private browsing to a whole new height by tracking protection and content blocking.

It can be used as a stand-alone browser or alongside Safari as a content blocker. It does a good job as regards preventing unwanted ads from popping up every now and then. It is a complete browser which can pass as one of the most popular.

10. Fair Adblock App

Few apps still pop-up once in a while but they are charity-oriented. It helps speed up your browsing by blocking other unnecessary stuff. Video auto-play ads, YouTube ads, Malware e.t.c are blocked to provide you with a seamless browsing experience.

There you have it, my list of best adblocker apps for Android and iOS devices. As already mentioned in this article, the apps dampen the annoyance of pop of ads, when surfing the internet.


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