There are several ways to manage, save, store and take care of your data. Fortunately for us, it is not hard to locate a good app to do these several things. But because of how broad the categories are, we will concentrate on storing and monitoring of your data. See 7 Best Apps for storing and monitoring your data on your Android phone

1. Data Eye

Apps For Storing And Monitoring Data On Your Android Phone
This is a data monitoring app that aids you to identify the applications that use the most data. It comes with a data saver element that will also compress pictures on apps like Instagram to help you manage your data plan. It is also home to an “Offers,” feature for lots of apps and games, and it is a feature for the developers to make their own money.

2. Data Counter Widget

This is an uncomplicated data monitoring app and it possesses a little widget for your home screen. Just set it up and it will let you know how much data you use.

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Data Counter Widget understands the difference between mobile data and Wi-Fi. Other features are roaming usage and data usage history. For more features, the pro version is needed.

3. Data Monitor

This is a straightforward app that functions as a simple network traffic meter by measuring all of your network data.

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Users will be able to set a quota and a billing cycle start date so the update would be automatic as soon as everything is inputted.

4. Data Saver and Data Manager

It is a good data monitor application that provides data usage on a per-app basis instead of something general. By so doing, you will know apps that use the most data on your plan. It has a smooth UI and it is easy to use for a lot of people.

5. GlassWire

Android users will appreciate this one because it allows you to see data use on a per-app basis with a well-detailed history to view what uses your data and when it happens. On top of that, you will also be able to set your data cap and receive alerts when you are close to the limit. It has a PC version if you need to track data on your computer too.

6. MiXplorer Silver

This is a fresh file manager app and it gets the normal stuff done to assist in the management of the data on your device. However, it is home to several plugins that some file browsers do not recognize. Like plugins with support for PDF files, most clip and music files, most picture files and archive types.

7. Resilio Sync

Apps For Storing And Monitoring Data On Your Android Phone
This is a cloud storage app that can function on a phone and a PC. Every advantage that comes with cloud storage is available here.

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Its free version is quite limited and the premium version is costly. The subscription cost is for businesses alone, so normal users can purchase it for a lesser cost.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best apps for storing and monitoring data on your Android Phone. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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