Battery saving is key. It is very hard these days to locate an app that does not tamper with your battery, and this adds to the tampering you can’t do without inflicting on it yourself.No one desires a phone that is bound to go off quickly when electricity is gone so, instead of searching for a plugin, just do it the smarter way and get yourself an app to do the job. To help you, here is our 10 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android 

1. Battery Doctor

Going by the name and what Doctors are known for, this app was developed to save your battery. No more battery was reaching the barest minimum too early with this one. Battery Doctor needs merely a click to ensure your battery power lasts above your expectation. You are also able to work on apps that consume power. This battery saver app provides information on an application’s state based on the kind of app it is. It has other features like accurate battery-left time, sharpness control e.t.c. It supports 28 languages and has a fantastic user interface. It is also free and available on iOS and Android.

2. DU Battery Saver

best battery saver apps for Android

This app stormed the Android market recently. And it brings several improved features with it. You are allowed to choose from a list that would suit how you use your battery power effectively. You even get to customize the way the battery performs and its lifespan. You can also experience the Phone Cooler option that automatically disables all apps that are CPU intensive and are not active. The brightness, sound, internet connections can be controlled on your phone via its Task Killer widget feature.

3. PowerPro: Battery Saver

This app just had to make this list. It helps to keep your phone for as long as possible in several ways. Powerpro shuts down apps that are inactive, takes charge of your phone’s brightness up to 33% e.t.c. A Battery Cooler feature is also handy to keep your mobile phone cool by working on the way power is consumed. Damage to the CPU is not a possibility as long as the app is installed and active on your phone. It also gives you four separate saver profiles that you can customize according to what you prefer.

4. Power Battery – Battery Life Saver & Health Test

Image result for Power Battery â?? Battery Life Saver & Health Test

It is fast and light. It does not just extend your battery life; it aids the improvement of your battery. There is a battery saver, smart battery monitor among several features. It scans your phone, discovers and suggests to you which app is not ideal for the best use of your battery. You can charge on time with this app. Any junk on your phone is gotten rid off as well.

5. Kaspersky Battery Life

It enhances your phone’s battery life. It does not function effectively for Android phones only; even tablets are catered for. Kaspersky scans your device and reports the apps that are culprits for your poor battery life so you can rectify as soon as possible.

It tracks the apps in use and the ones, not in use but keeps running in the background. This app tells you how much hours it will take for you to need to charge your phone again, the info we all need.

6. Greenify

Best Battery Saver Apps For Android

iOS and Android users can enjoy this one. It has more than 50 million downloads. Via it, applications running in the background, doing nothing can be taken care of. All junks on the phone that are not needed anymore are wiped out by this app, so you do even have to do them yourself. One to note though, if you are making use of Greenify, make sure that you do engage in putting up any important notification on your messenger, E-mail. t.c.

7. AccuBattery

It is common knowledge that any 3rd-party app used to track battery can use up to months to provide appropriate results, but with AccuBattery, a valid idea of your Android’s battery health is known within few charging periods.

So the more you use it, the better the outcome you notice. As soon as the installation is done, you are given detailed information as to how it functions. Evaluation of your battery is best on this app than with any other option. It is free, but it has its premium versions. For no payment whatsoever, you track your battery health, for a paid version, you enjoy an advertisement-free app, CPU stats and so on.

8. Deep Sleep Battery Saver

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As the name suggests, this app lets your Android phone into deep sleep mode when the screen stays off for a long time. In this mode, 3G, Wi-Fi e.t.c do not run in the background. So you will not be bothered by regular notifications from apps, social media and many more. As soon as you turn the screen on, Deep Sleep Battery Saver stays active to download announcements from applications. There are five separate profiles to work with here, Balance, Gentle, Strong, Medium, Slumberer, and Aggressive. The pro version lets you additional benefits.

9. Battery HD

The UI is very enticing. It is very adjustable according to your kind of mobile phone. It is also blessed with a customizable setting that contains Charge Alerts, Widgets, Usage Chart, and Notification Bar. With Battery HD, and with a single click, you are shown how many hours of the battery remains. Android tablets are covered as well. It also does not work for your battery alone; you are shown how much time you have left to groove to your music, speak on the phone e.t.c.

10. Avast Battery Saver

Image result for Avast Battery Saver

One of the most efficient out there. This app has been here for a long time and has experienced a lot of transformations to suit the needs of your battery. You can turn on or off the battery saving feature. It automatically determines the remaining battery hours you have left so you can caution your use.

You also get to alter settings manually plus you are aided to pre-set profiles should you feel the need to do that. The brand fronting this app is reliable, so you know what you are getting here.

There you have it – The best battery saver apps for Android. If you have other suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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