E-books are an increasingly famous option for consuming information. The fact that it comes with several advantages like never being unavailable or out of stock, being readable on multiple devices, easy storage, several formats options is music to the hears of core readers out there. Not forgetting the audio option and provision of visual aids for those in need of it. Electronic books have proven to cater for our reading needs and are indeed the future.

They are accessible, reusable, inexpensive, interactive, flexible, printable e.t.c, what more can we ask for? It is no surprise that it has replaced conventional printed books and now we can simply read our favourite books on our smartphones or tablets by just downloading apps on your Android device.

Finding the appropriate eBook reader app (also called eReader) can be tedious. There are so many options, plenty of file formats to deal with, and then there are different kinds of books (novels, comics, etc) that make the whole experience a little complicated. This article is here to make it less complex by giving you the 10 Best Ebook Readers for Android 2019.

1. Amazon Kindle

Even though some people keep saying that the popularity of ebooks is decreasing, Amazon is still the undisputed leader of the e-reader market, and its cheapest Kindle model is one of the best-selling ebook readers on the whole planet. It offers a wide selection of books, magazines and newspapers, making it one of the most popular eBook reader apps for smartphones and tablets. You don’t have to purchase a Kindle device to enjoy books through the Kindle app, it’s available on Android and iOS devices too. The basic Kindle has long been the targetted device if you’re searching for a simple reading experience without spending much. The Kindle design is a little sleeker than what it used to be, it is slimmer, lighter and shorter than ever before. The Kindle app gives access to Google search and Wikipedia, features that enhance your reading pleasure.

2. Aldiko Book Reader

The document formats supported here include pdf, epub and Adobe DRM. It is fully customizable, and you can shop for ebooks online, and with the tweaking, you can make the look and feel however you wish. It is a decent alternative to some of the more famous eBook reader apps. It does not automatically save a book and hence does not take up too much space. However, if you do want the app to save your reading sessions you can just import the book, which will put the book on its virtual shelf. It offers several options to adjust font size, font face and background settings to suit the reader’s needs. It has a lot of extensive features that makesreadingg a pleasurable experience.

3. Google Play Books

This Ebook reader gives you access to a huge bookstore, some of which are free. You’ll also find some textbooks if you want them. You can read books offline, use a dictionary to check put difficult words. Having a family account lets you share books between everybody without having to purchase them again and again. As you purchase books, Google does not hesitate to show you similar book to the ones you have already purchased, in order to find new authors you may not have heard of before. It has a lovely selection for the scholar in your family, and will likely be loaded onto your Android phone when you buy it.

4. Moon+Reader

Purchasing books from a major retailer and downloading them to your phone is cool, but sometimes the books you wish to read are ones that you already have the files for. Whether you’ve bought ebooks from an independent publisher, or you’ve received the files from a now-defunct program, being able to open and read them is very vital. Moon+Reader can help with that. It has support for 12 different file formats, It has .rar files, .epub files e.t.c OIn addition, you still are able to customize the way words look on the screen. It also allows you back up your library online, and gives you access to 5 auto-scroll options to make things even more convenient.

5. Librera Reader

This is an easy to use and highly configurable reading app that supports most popular document formats, including: PDF, EPUB, EPUB3, MOBI, DjVu, FB2, FB2.zip, TXT, RTF, AZW, AZW3, CBR, CBZ, HTML, XPS, MHT and more. With its straightforward, yet remarkable interface, this reader makes document reading a true pleasure. You have the auto-scrolling feature and hand-free music mode here. Some of its unique options incluse, Easy document discovery with optional and configurable lists, support for bookmarks, annotations, and quick-jump contents, individually configurable Day and Night modes, single page view of dual paged documents e.t.c

6. ReadEra

When we talk about ad-free apps that are also free to use, you should think ReadEra. It opens and read book files in EPUB, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, DJVU, FB2, MOBI and CHM formats. Supports chapters, bookmarks, page style. Automatically saves the current reading position and also detects plus displays the list of all documents that are supported on your very device.  It aim to implement a universal yet intuitive reader app that provides all the essential features without forcing users to use any specific services. This app does not import documents into its store, instead, it allow you to identify duplicate of files, work with bookmarks and save the current reading position even when the file is moved or temporarily deleted.

7. Kobo

Kobo and reading books go hand in hand. They have an extra large selection filled with both new and established authors, including magazines and children’s books. The most popular and trending ebooks are even updated every 60 minutesso that you don’t miss an amazing story, even when it’s coming from an unknown author. As you start to buy books and Kobo learns your likes, it will also build a recommendations list on your half. These are suggestions for new books or magazines, based on what you’ve already bought.

The book reader has a dope reading activity feature. It foes as far as showing you how much time you’ve spent reading in the app, what books you are currently reading, a running tally of how many books you’ve read and how many pages you’ve turned in the process.

I don’t know about you, but I can use that kind of information.

8. Universal Book Reader

This is one of the most famous eBook reader apps. The app looks plain on top, but captivating underneath. It apparently does not joke with time. It easily supports over three dozen file types, including eBook formats, comic book formats, and some weird stuff like WEBP, PPTX, PSD, and others. The UI is Material Design. It’s very colourful, friendly, and simple. It is one to look at.

9. Prestigio Book Reader

Even though this reader changes its name almost every year, the amazing quality remains the same. It’s still one of the better eBook reader apps you will find out there. It supports over 25 languages, text-to-speech functionality, and 50,000 books available for download. Additionally, some other features include a Night Mode, various customization options, and a decently modern UI. The app is free. You can also pay to remove ads if you wish to do so.

10. Nook

Owned by Barnes & Noble, Inc., a Fortune 1000 company. It’s the company’s branded app which hands you massive access to a huge library of books, magazines, and periodicals. Since this is the official app from Barnes and Noble, buying into their yearly membership can enable you to apply those discounts through the app. You also get access to lots of features to customize your reading experience, like spacing, sizing, and font selection. Sharing your library with family members, organizing the way you like, and bookmarking upcoming books are also benefits you get with this one.

We all love the feel of a physical book in our hands, we adore the smell of aged paper, but there is a reason ebooks are so popular: its because they can save you space and money. If you’ve decided to roll solely with ebooks, you have been served with a variety of different e-reader apps for your Android device to choose from.


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