Emojis have been around for a while now. They are small icons that allow us to express our selves when chatting. Emojis are usually built into instant messaging apps. Most times the emojis featured in instant messaging apps may not be sufficient. This is where emoji apps come into play. In this article, we are going to look at best emoji apps for android in 2019.

1. Emoji Phone For Android

emoji phone for android

Thinking of raising your social media game, with emojis? Emoji phone for Android is all you need. It features over 1000+ emojis to choose from. Emoji phone for Android features emoji icon pack, emoji home screens, emoji based GIFs, emoji backgrounds and lots more. Emojis featured in this app are categorized under Cute, love, funny, sports, alphabet, and festival emojis.

2. Bitmoji


Bitmoji takes the emoji game higher. It’s no regular emoji maker app. Bitmoji lets you create an emoji that showcases your expression. These emojis are actually avatars of your self. Bitmoji lets you customize your own emoji digital avatar and then use as funny emojis. Apart from letting you create a customized avatar, Bitmoji also has a library of already made avatars you can choose.

3. Smiley Emoji Keyboard

Smiley Emoji Keyboard

The smiley emoji keyboard features over 800 different beautifully designed emojis in it’s a library to choose from. smiley emoji keyboard lets you conveniently fix emojis when typing. It works seamlessly with all messaging apps.

Being a keyboard app, the smiley keyboard features a very nice and intuitive layout, and it’s very beautiful too, not lacking in the aesthetics department. Still speaking about it’s features, the smiley emoji keyboard has a feature that predicts emojis to be used. The keyboard is able to read what you are typing and offer cool emoji recommendations.

4. Elite Emoji

Elite Emoji

Elite emoji app basically was designed to meet all your emoji needs. Packing over 1000+ high definition emojis, you provided with emojis that will suit your every facial expression, helping you to pass messages a lot easier.  The elite emoji app is supported on major social network apps, including WhatsApp and facebook messenger. Elite emoji app also features a ton of GIFs in its library.

5. Kika Keyboard

Best Emoji Apps For Android

Kika keyboard is an example of keyboard apps that feature built-in emojis. With Kika keyboard, you can select and share a wide range of emojis, stickers, and GIFs on the social networks. It lets you input emojis between texts in your chats. over 100+ fancy keyboard themes, key sounds, language options, and fonts among others to suit your style.

6. FaceMoji

Best Emoji Apps For Android

Facemoji is an Android keyboard that features over 3600+ built-in emoji’s, emoticons, GIFs, and stickers that will help you express your self better in chats. It has a built-in feature that predicts emojis to be used.

7. SMS Rage Faces

sms rage faces

SMS rage is another excellent emoji app, supported on both android and ios devices. SMS rage faces app, features a wide range of emojis that will certainly crack you up. SMS rage faces app lets you add unique funny faces to your text messages. SMS rage faces also lets you share your favorite rages on the major social media platforms.

8. Swift Keyboard + Emoji

swift keyboard + emoji

SwiftKey Keyboard is an amazing and good keyboard for both Android and iOS users. It works on Artificial Intelligence to learn your writing style. This app has an amazing feature that auto-suggest you emoji according to your writing which you can use if you want. It has also auto-correct option to correct your text.

It supports more than 100 languages, you can choose any of them and write text in that language. You can also customize your text, colors, designs, and themes.

9. Eboticon Emoji Stickers

best emoji apps for android

Eboticon emoji stickers is another awesome emoji app for android. It allows users to create funny emoji faces and smiles. Eboticon emoji sticker also houses over 100 fully animated emojis that can spice up your social media game. Apart from emojis, this app also features funny sticker, memes, GIFs and lots more.

10. Emoji Face Recorder

best emoji apps for android

Similar to Animoji on the iPhone x, the Emoji face recorder, lets you map your face into emojis and sync your voice with them too. The Emoji face recorder features over 3000 different emojis, themes and GIFs to choose from. It houses a word prediction feature option and also allows you to auto-correct words.

With the list of apps featured on this list of best emoji apps for Android, you can never run out of emojis to express your facial expressions.  Each app feature a wide range of emojis for this purpose. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.


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