Over the years, FM transmitter has grown to become a part of our lives, keeping us updated on the happenings in the world, as we go about our daily business. It’s actually easier to listen to the news, using FM transmitters with your headphones plug in. In this article, we are going to explore a list of best FM transmitter apps for Android and iPhones.

1. Simple Radio

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Looking for a perfect FM transmitter app, for your smartphone? The Simple radio app may be all you need. Be it the Android or iOS platform; Simple Radio has you covered. The Simple Radio app is your portal to a wide variety of FM and AM channels. Channels featured on this app, include a wide variety, with categories ranging from News, Sports, music and lots more. Simple Radio offers over 45,000 Radio stations.

2. Radio By My Tuner

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Radio by My Tuner offers over 50,000 radio stations from more than 200 countries. Radio stations here cut across new categories like News, Sports, Music and lots more. This app lets you listen to local channels, even when you are abroad, keeping you closer to your home. Still, on its features, Radio by My Tuner also has an alarm feature, that keeps you abreast with your schedule.

3. iHeartRadio

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iHeart Radio is yet another awesome FM transmitter app, that is available on both the Android and iOS platforms. It brings the FM radio feature to smartphones that do not have it, and to smartphones that feature FM transmitter, iHeart Radio offers more channels for your listening pleasure. It provides channels from your local AM and channels from FM.

4. Radio Player from Audials

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Radio player from Audial offers more than 80,00 channels for your listening pleasure. This FM transmitter app also allows users to record mp3’s from channel streams, free of charge. Radio player from Audial sources it’s station from the east coast, Midwest, south and west coast, offering a wide range of channels to choose from.

5. Radio FM Player- TuneFm

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This FM Radio transmitter app offers more than 7000 free radio stations to its users. With this channels provided, be rest assured that you won’t get bored.

These channels are featured in top categories like news and sports e.t.c You are also at liberty to create your favorite list here, helping you sought the channel list.

6. Free Radio Tuner

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Free radio tuner, is an FM transmitter app, exclusive on iOS. It features a very clean and intuitive interface that makes the user experience an awesome.

It prompts you to fill in your city and state, after which the app searches for the clearest FM stations in your area.

7. Stitcher Radio

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Stitcher Radio is yet another FM radio transmitter app, available on both the Android and iOS platform. Stitcher radio lets you listen to to on-demand music, sports, news, talk, and others from different sources like CNN, ESPN, BBC, NPR and lots more. Channels featured here are completely free.

8. Slacker Radio

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Slacker radio, is a radio app focused on providing the best melodies to music lovers. Slacker Radio lets users create a list of channels that play the songs the like the most.  Slacker radio lets you easily search for these channels, using an inbuilt search feature

9. SiriusXM Radio

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SiriusXM radio provides users, optimal entertainment. Offering a wide range of informative and entertainment channels, chances that you would uninstall the app in a hurry are very slim. SiriusXM lets you get access to over a hundred on demand and custom music.

10. Radio FM!

radio fm

Radio FM, it’s a very straight forward app, that lets you listen to your favorite channels for free. It adds FM radio transmitter to both Android and iOS devices. When downloaded, it automatically searches for the most popular radios in your country. It also lets you listen to foreign channels also.

There you have it. The list of best FM transmitter apps for Android and iPhones. As earlier mentioned, these FM transmitter apps feature lot of entertaining and informative channels. If you have other suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.


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