Our social media is not complete without high-quality images, memes, emoticons, and surely, GIFs. As part of our convo on well known messaging apps or ensuring our meme-tagging game is active, GIFs are more important than words. We all love creating meme GIFs if we are being honest. So why don’t we create some free GIFs to simplify the process for ourselves? To break down the question of how GIFs can be created, check out our list of 7 Best GIF Maker Apps For Your Android And iOS Phone:

1. GIF Maker and Editor

Best GIF Maker AppsThis is a free GIF maker application that comes with several features. After launching the app, you will see several options you can use to make GIFs. It even lets you edit GIFs, convert pictures to GIFs, clips to GIFs, screen recordings to GIFs, and tap fresh videos to transform a video to a GIF. You can alter the number of frames, GIF quality, resolution and so on, according to what you want. During creation, users are also allowed to include several filters.

2. GIFShop

This app comes with a straightforward UI and clear options to create GIF. With it, you can transform a video to GIF, images into GIFs. It possesses a screen recorder option and it can create GIF Boomerangs as well.

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As you convert media into GIFs or make GIF Boomerangs, it is possible to add different types of filters and editing options to beautify your GIF. The app can be upgraded if you need an advert-free usage.

3. Gif Me Camera And GIF Maker

Best GIF Maker AppsThis app will need some app permissions like access to the gallery and so on before it can work for you. It comes with a simple UI that shows a few options to create free GIFs.

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There is also an option to choose media from the Camera option or from Import option, Video option, or Album option. It assists you to get GIFs for texting, GIFs for social media.

4. Giphy

Best GIF Maker AppsThis is a well-known GIF editor application and it is actually one of the best around. It engages users like its web version.

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It possesses 5 sections, “Home” that displays the GIF trends and more, “Explore” that helps you find free GIFs across the globe, “Add” that lets you create yours, and “Favourites” and “Channel” that help you store your GIF likings.

5. Pixel Animator

This GIF generator application has been here for a while. Immediately you launch the app, you need to tap “Start” to begin. You have to select the image size, and if the GIF will be based on a blank sheet or an existing picture. It functions in a horizontal orientation. They are quite interesting to create and share with your buddies.

The apps listed above are the best Gif maker apps recommended by me. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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