Instagram over the years, has metamorphosed into a backup tool for many. When people switch devices and lose all their photos, recovering them from Instagram becomes an option. Though Instagram may seem safe, it isn’t prone to glitches. You may lose your data. If this fact bothers you, here are 10 best Instagram backup tools, that helps you backup your Instagram photos.

1. Insta port

Image result for Insta portLooking to future proof your Instagram account? The insta port app may be all you need. Insta port allows you to backup all your Instagram photos and posts, only with a click. Insta port is an online web service, which offers a service, that allows you to store all your Instagram photos, and photos on your media devices.

To back up your Instagram data, you are required to log on to their website, input your Instagram details, insta port will then sync all your photos and posts, after which you are select the photos you want to back up, and the backup process begins. The Instagram backup file will be stored as a zip file, to be downloaded to your device.

2. Insta Save

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Famous for saving Instagram videos and photos on Android, insta saver is another tool you can use to back up your Instagram data. Unlike insta port, insta saver requires you download each Instagram photo or video one at a time, it doesn’t offer batch operation feature.

Using to backup your Instagram data, you are required to download the insta save app from the Google play store, enable it, go-to your Instagram profile, copy the link of the photo or video you want to download, and the picture starts downloading.


Image result for IFTTTIFTTT, is another excellent Instagram backup tool, that works online. IFTTT offers Instagram backup services. It lets you backup your Instagram data online.

Using IFTTT, you are required to create an account with them, to use their services online. IFTTT also has an app, available on both the Android and iOS platforms.

4. Dsgn Instagram Importer

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Dsgn Instagram Importer is designed to let users integrate their Instagram data with their WordPress media gallery. This service is exclusive for WordPress site owners.

Dsgn Instagram Importer is a plugin, that can be installed on WordPress. Dsgn Instagram Importer, allows you to import all your Instagram photos and videos in batches, making the whole process a lot easier.

5. Download Gram

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Download Gram is an online web service, that allows Instagram users to back up their data online. It enables users to back up their Instagram photos and videos online.

Just like the instant save app, it works with URLs. To make use of the download Gram service, you need to navigate to your Instagram profile, copy the URL or video you want to backup, navigate to the download Gram website, paste the URL in the provided space and then hit download. As you might have observed, it doesn’t have the batch operation feature; backup is done manually, one at a time.

6. Idrive

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Idrive is a cloud-based backup service, that can be used to backup Instagram data. It is very simple and straight forward service to use. Data backup using the Idrive service is completely encrypted, so that has to bother about hacks.

To use the ldrive service, you are required to visit the ldrive website, navigate to the Instagram tab, enter your Instagram login details, connect and select the Instagram data you want to backup. Idrive supports batch operations too.

7. 4k Stogram

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Still on the topic of best backup tools for Instagram, 4k Stogram, is another online service, that helps you to future proof your Instagram data. It is a simple to use software, available on all platforms. It supports batch operations, allowing you to save all your Instagram data with just one click.

8. Vidmate

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 Similar to instant saver, vid mate is an app that allows users to save Instagram data, by using the copy URL function.
Using vid mate to backup your Instagram data, you are required to navigate to your Instagram profile, copy the URL on the image or video you want to back up, then download will automatically begin. Just like vid mate, Insta saver, vid mate doesn’t offer batch operation.

9. P-cloud

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P-cloud is a cloud-based service that offers cloud services for Facebook, Instagram and lots more. P-cloud has facilities that make backuping Instagram data very easy. It has a tab for Instagram. All you have to do, is click on it, fill in your credentials and begin the backup.

10. cloudsfer Social Media Backup

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Cloudsfer is a middle man service, designed to allow transfers between online backup and cloud storage. It lets you manually transfer Instagram data directly to your cloud. It features a perfect cloud to cloud management list.

There you have it guys, my list of best backup tools for instagram. All you have to do now, is select one of them and backup your instagram data. If you have other recommedations, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.


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