The richness of an app store is defined by the categories of apps it features. App stores should feature apps that meet the potential needs of its users. This fact is true because over the years mobile apps have metamorphosed into tools that we use on a daily basis. Having apps that suit our needs is very imperative, hence we are going to bring to you the best iPhone Apps for Diabetics right now on the App Store.

7 best iphones apps for diabetics

Take for example a patient who has been advised by his doctors to watch his sugar level. He is aim would be to apply all measures available to monitoring his sugar level. Downloading apps that will help him achieve his goal would be very imperative because he or she is always with his smartphone.

In this article, we are going to be looking and 7 best iPhone apps for diabetics. These apps help people with diabetes manage blood glucose and insulin level. In managing diabetes, diabetic patients that use iPhones should consider downloading these apps. These apps are listed as follows:

1. Diabetik

7 best iphones apps for diabetics

Developed by ugly apps, Diabetik is an iOS app that offers diabetic patients needed tools that will help them track their blood sugar for optimal management of diabetes. It features quick data entry, interactive charts, and reminders that can trigger either at a particular time or in a specific location. This feature will act as a reminder to help you in performing tasks that are geared towards diabetes management.

2.  Diabetes Companion

7 best iphones apps for diabetics

When it comes to monitoring blood sugar and managing diabetes, the Diabetes app performs very well. It helps diabetic patients control their blood sugar as well as daily carbs excellently. The diabetes companion app focuses on making your diabetes data useful in everyday life. Diabetes companion also has features that help you get focused on achieving daily health goals and keeps you motivated about getting therapy.

3. iCookbook Diabetic

7 best iphones apps for diabetics

As the name clearly depicts, the icook-book diabetic app is a unique app for diabetic patients, that offers recipes on healthy food to take as a diabetic patient. It delivers new, free diabetes-friendly recipes every month. It also has built-in kitchen tools like conversion charts and timers and voice activation, so the user can proceed to cook these foods with the help of the recipes provided.

4. Track 3

7 best iphones apps for diabetics

Track 3 is another app for people with diabetes that offers excellent performance. It helps diabetic patients keep track of their health with the features built-in. Track 3 enables you to keep track of the food you eat, blood glucose, insulin, medications, exercise, and weight. All these factors put together touches all the pillars of good health for a diabetic patient. The built-in track metrics can be viewed on machines synced with it.

5. Go Meals

7 best iphones apps for diabetics

Go meals is another app that helps the diabetic patient manage what they eat for a healthier living. Go meals offers recipes of food that people are living with diabetes should be eating. It helps to streamline your diet to recommended foods that will support the diabetic therapy.  Go meals also has a feature that allows diabetic patients to locate restaurants based on their current location and type of cuisine they prefer.

 6. Diabetics in pregnancy

7 best iphones apps for diabetics

Diabetics in pregnancy is an app developed to cater to the needs of pregnant women with diabetics, gestation diabetes to be specific. it helps pregnant diabetic women track all of the factors that keep your blood sugar balanced during and after your pregnancy. It also helps pregnant women monitor their blood sugar levels, exercise, oral medications, and insulin.

7. Carbs control

7 best iphones apps for diabetics

Carbs control is another diabetic app for iPhones that offers features that help diabetic people manage their diabetic disease, watching their blood sugar and glucose. Carbs control provides food logging and carb counting.

Though they bear different names, apps featured in the list of best iPhone apps for diabetics above, they share a common purpose, which is to help you in monitoring the parameters that facilitate people with diabetes. Do let us know if you have other recommendations. If you’d want to read the best diabetics apps for Android also, we have a post here for that.


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