As you already know, technology is taking over the food we eat and the kitchen we use to prepare them. Gone are the days of doing all the work just to put a decent meal on your table, everything is less complicated now all thanks to tech. See the best options in our list of 5 Best New Food Tech:

1. Foodmarble Digestive Tracker:

Foodmarble Digestive Tracker
Foodmarble Digestive Tracker

This tracker monitors your body’s ongoing response to the meal you are eating, which is very useful for your health.

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With it, you can take breath tests, and log your meal in the application to build your own digestive profile. Expect it to take over several kitchens in the nearest future.

2. Kuvings Smart Blender:

Best New Food Tech

This is a very important blender that comes with a timer to reveal how long you blended your soup. It is home to lots of options like “crushed ice,” “whip,” and “foam.” This blender was manufactured by the German design brand, so its quality is surely guaranteed.

3. Smarter Fridge Cam:

Best New Food Tech
Smarter Fridge Cam

This smart, connected fridge camera takes a picture whenever you open the fridge door and then share it through an application that syncs up with your smartphone.

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Its simple idea is that users will produce less food waste if they are aware of what is in the fridge while they are at the supermarket.

4. Smart Popcorn Maker:

Best New Food Tech

This is a retro popcorn maker to make your movie watching feel less lonely. It makes use of hot air to pop the corn instead of oil, therefore it is very healthy. However, it is best to cover the corn with butter, salt, and sugar once you are done.

5. Mitte Water Purifier:

Mitte Water Purifier
Mitte Water Purifier

This tech product helps to purify water up to 60 times more than regular filtered water. It also lets you personalize your water with several minerals, which is especially useful after an intense workout. It is not too costly as well.

More Information On Food Tech:

Food technology is a branch of food science that deals with the production processes that make foods.

Early scientific research into food technology concentrated on food preservation. Nicolas Appert’s development in 1810 of the canning process was a decisive event.

The process wasn’t called canning then and Appert did not really know the principle on which his process worked, but canning has had a major impact on food preservation techniques.

Louis Pasteur’s research on the spoilage of wine and his description of how to avoid spoilage in 1864 was an early attempt to apply scientific knowledge to food handling. Besides research into wine spoilage, Pasteur researched the production of alcohol, vinegar, wines and beer, and the souring of milk.

He developed pasteurization—the process of heating milk and milk products to destroy food spoilage and disease-producing organisms. In his research into food technology, Pasteur became the pioneer into bacteriology and of modern preventive medicine.

Historically, consumers paid little attention to food technologies. Nowadays the food production chain is long and complicated, and foods and food technologies are diverse. Consequently, consumers are uncertain about the determinants of food quality and safety and find it difficult to understand them.

Now, acceptance of food products very often depends on perceived benefits and risks associated with the food. Popular views of food processing technologies matter. Especially innovative food processing technologies often are perceived as risky by consumers

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best new food tech. If you have any personal favorite or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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