Whether it is a good or bad thing, there are several news outlets these days. As you already know, these kinds of apps help to spread the present news quickly and in real-time. The news is so many that you really will find it difficult to read it all. However, there are some amazing tools you can use to consume them how you want when you want, and from the most trusted sources. Let’s show you 5 Best News Apps You Are Not Using Yet:

1. Get The Gist

News Apps You Are Not Using Yet
To get caught up as fast as possible, this is the app for you. It cost nothing and it can be used on your iOS device. Developed for skimmers, it uses AI to show you newsworthy nuggets all day long. It also grants you access to amazing summaries for all the news. You will surely be well informed with this one.

2. Inkl

News Apps You Are Not Using Yet

If you see lots of news you have to pay for online but you are not interested in committing to various outlets only to read premium articles occasionally, the Inkl app can be of help.

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The company behind it deals with over one hundred publishers and they make use of human editors to curate ad-free content for the application. News is available for 10 cents or you can go for the unlimited plan for $9.99 monthly if you are a die-hard fan of reading news.

3. NewsWorthy

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To get busy as you move, ex-TV news reporter Erica Mandy’s The NewsWorthy Web/Podcast platform is ten minutes of great listening. Erica helps you with the day’s major stories, touching on enough context to explain the situation without going way deep into the matter.

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It gets delivered at 4 a.m in the morning and the tone used is amazing and friendly. Users are also allowed to play the latest episode straight from the site through podcasting platforms, or by sending it to their email.

4. News Break

To know about what is going down in your general vicinity, NewsBreak can be of help and it can be used on your iOS or Android device.

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This app makes use of your device’s location to show you local stories. News Break can also be customized with the things you fancy and it has over 10,000 sources, including small publishers that focus on neighborhood news and national headlines.

5. Winds

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RSS might be old school now but it is still relevant sometimes. A lot of websites publish feeds that are available in RSS readers, one of which is the Winds app. Apart from pulling in your preferred feeds, it even functions as a podcast player and makes use of machine learning algorithms to suggest more content and sources you might love. It can be used on the web or as a downloadable app for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of new apps you may not be aware of. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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