Many graduates have been faced with the problem of writing a top-notch resume. Due to the era, we are in terms of technology, several apps have been developed by computer programmers. One of the apps that have been designed is resume builder apps for a well-structured resume.

Best Resume Apps for Windows

There are various resume builder apps that are available and they come in several versions. We have the ones for Android, iPhone, and Windows. Each of them has a different platform they will function efficiently. A resume builder app for Android won’t work on an iPhone obviously, considering the fact that they are on different operating systems, because of the way it has been programmed. In this article, we will be discussing in depth resume builder apps for windows.

Resume Builder Apps for Windows

1. LiveCareer My Perfect Resume

This is a valuable web application for windows that can write your resume in a standard format and also share your resume to different job sites on social media. It has different 20 templates that you can use to structure your resume. This resume builder app can help you build different resume styles such as a chronological resume or functional resume.

Chronological resume style is being used if have working experience or if you are a fresh graduate. While functional resumes are used in a situation whereby, an individual doesn’t have enough working experience or there’s an employment gap. The different templates it possesses make your resume unique. You can even import any resume you have written from your system and then edit it.

This software can create a simple cover letter that can fit the style of your resume.  It is so easy to use with an interface that can help you switch different numerous resumes, settings and other features. In terms of editing, the program has a spell-checker that helps in cross-checking spellings but no thesaurus to give you different choices of words.

PROS: You can perform a salary search with it and can also carry out salary negotiation that matches your peers in a particular field.

CONS:  This software has limited templates to choose when it is being compared to other builder apps for windows.

2. CakeResume

This is a resume builder app for windows with fewer features than other resume builder apps. It has a drag-and-drop option that can create the different sections of your resume. It is the easiest software that has been tested. The interface is easy to navigate and one can understand the features of this software.

CakeResume builder app has to share option tool with direct URL to LinkedIn and Facebook for potential employees. You can also download the resume you have written. The free program of this app enables you to download a single or basic resume. The advanced version goes for $6.95/month which you can use in creating different resumes. The pro version of this app shows you information on Google analytics and a domain name that employers can link to.

PROS: This is a drag-and-drop resume builder app and it is easy to use.

CONS: More user input is being required.

3. ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe 20

It is more than a resume builder app. It has a built-in job search that can be used in finding a job. The recent update of this app allows you to search for a job on Twitter. After a one-time fee of this app, you can download the app to your computer. It doesn’t have an easy interface but you can make many resumes with the software.

This app helps you at every stage of your job finding. It also has a template for different types of resume and also comes with cover letters outlines for important documents like a letter of recommendation requests. One thing that makes this software unique is 150,000 prewritten phrases that you can fill in the blank spaces with words and 1,200 editable examples.

It also has a spell-checker and you have the ability to resize to a single page without formatting the entire documents. The font size, text color in your document, and margins etc can be customized.  Your resume can be shared on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin.  The program can create a URL that you can share your resume with job employers.

PROS: It has over 150,000 prewritten phrases that you can use in creating contents for your resume.

CONS: It is expensive.

4. Pongo

Pongo is an easy resume builder app that can create a professional resume for you. This software has several tools for career building such as video interview tips and job search. There are some features that are not available on this app such as thesaurus and it can import resumes that you have written on your computer, which implies you must create a new resume.

This app has 12 chronological templates for your resume you can pick from and you can write a resume that can match your working experience using this app. You can be certain of your resume process following the step by step guide. It is less convenient because there’s a restriction to the quantity of information you can input and it has limited templates.

Pongo can audit your resume after completion to make sure everything is perfect; because of the spell-checker to cross-check your grammar and spelling. Your resume can be mail to employers directly from the software. If you wish to export the resume as Word doc. or PDF, you can do so.

PROS: A custom heading for each section of your resume can be created.

CONS: It has fewer chronological resume templates with no functional resume templates.

5. VisualCV Professional

VisualCV Professional can refresh your old CV or create an entry-level resume for you. It has a sensor interface and many unique templates that you can use. The different customization it has allows you to tweak your resume to match what you desire. A functional or chronological resume can be created using this resume app.

The 40 resume templates give you several examples to follow in writing your resume and also an existing resume can be imported. Your resume can be exported and shared it to your Linkedin account. You can’t tell who is going to like your eye-catching resume.

PROS: It has different resume examples for you to follow.

CONS: There’s no spell-checker to help you proofread your resume before you share it.

There you have it. You can pick from the list of resume builders apps which perfectly suits your needs on your windows computer. Feel free to add to the list of resume builders for PC.

If you are on other platforms or operating systems, here are some Resume Builder software we’ve got for you.


  1. In this site it is referenced 5 best resume developer programming. There are a few stages: 1. Livecareer my ideal resume site, 2. CakeResume, 3. ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe 20 and so forth.


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