Even if the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has a high IP68 rating for water resistance, that does not mean owners have to use it regularly for a long period of time. If you feel the need to take it to the swimming pool or even the shower, it is best to invest in a decent waterproof case to keep it safe. See the best options in our list of 5 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Waterproof Cases:

1. Temdan waterproof case:

Temdan waterproof case
Temdan waterproof case

This case comes with a screen protector for the front of the device and a clear back so the phone can handle wireless charging. Temdan says the case has been tested and will survive up to 1,000 times when dropped in a pool of water up to 6.6 feet deep.

2. Antshare waterproof case:

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This product from Antshare waterproof case seals off the device from the outside elements with its front case, built-in screen protector, and clear back cover.

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With it, the phone can stay water-resistant up to 6.6 feet underwater for about 60 minutes. This case is shock resistant too if you mistakenly drop it on solid surfaces.

3. Justcool waterproof case:

Justcool waterproof case
Justcool waterproof case

It comes in 2 parts too, a front cover with a built-in screen protector and a clear cover for the back, which aids the device’s wireless charging features.

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Just cool said this case will ensure the device is safe in water up to 16 feet down for about 60 minutes and up to 33 feet (10 meters) for 30 minutes.

4. Polatux waterproof case:

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 waterproof cases

The front cover works as a screen protector and the clear cover on the back of the phone will not tamper with wireless charging in any way. This case lets the device remain immersed in water for up to sixty minutes at a depth of up to six and a half feet.

5. Goldju waterproof case:

Goldju waterproof case
Goldju waterproof case

The case retains the durable IP68 rating and features raised corners and edges to safeguard your device against falls and shocks.

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It comes with a protective film built-in so your display will not be exposed to dirt or dust. You can still take advantage of wireless charging even if you might need to open the charging port during phone calls if the case is messing with your voice.

More Information On Samsung Galaxy Note 10:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (stylized as Samsung Galaxy Note10) is a line of Android-based phablets designed, developed, produced, and marketed by Samsung Electronics as part of the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

They were unveiled on 7 August 2019, as the successors to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Details about the phablets were widely leaked in the months leading up to the phablets’ announcement.

The Galaxy Note 10 line comprises three models with various hardware specifications; Note 10 and Note 10+/ Note 10+ 5G feature 6.3-inch 1080p and 6.8-inch 1440p “Dynamic AMOLED” displays with HDR10+ support and “dynamic tone mapping” technology respectively.

The displays have curved sides that slope over the horizontal edges of the device. The phablet also features a 19:9 aspect ratio. The front-facing cameras occupy a rounded cut-out on the top of the display, and all models utilize an ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint reader.

The S-Pen has also undergone notable changes compared to the Note 9. The pen is one piece of plastic, instead of two like Note 9, and supports more advanced Air Actions that allow users to control the phablet remotely with the pen.

This includes changing the camera settings and exporting the handwritten text to Microsoft Word remotely. The S-Pen also comes with additional tips for replacement in the box.

The Note 10 range ships with Android 9.0 “Pie” with Samsung’s One UI skin. A main design element of the One UI is the intentional repositioning of key user interface elements in stock apps to improve the usability on large screens.

Many apps include large headers that push the beginning of content towards the center of the display, while navigation controls and other prompts are often displayed near the bottom of the display instead.

In March 2020, the phones received an upgrade to Android 10.0, bringing with it Single Take mode from the Samsung Galaxy S20 line as well as the ability to record 4K/60fps video with the selfie camera.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 waterproof cases. If you have any personal favorites or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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