Making slideshows isn’t restricted to only computers. You can create impressive slideshows on your smartphones using individual apps. In this article, we explore a list of best slideshow maker apps for Android. These apps are listed as follow:

1. Filmora Go

Best Slideshow Maker Apps for Android

Popular for its video edit capabilities, Filmora Go is one the most sought after mobile video editing apps today. It lets users create awesome video content directly from their smartphones. Filmora Go provides a very intuitive interface, designed to make the whole video editing process easy. Apart from editing videos, Filmora Go also lets users create awesome slideshows. it features a ton of transition effects that can be used to prepare good slideshows.

2. Slide Labs

best slideshow maker aps for Android

The Slide Labs app is an app that lets users create excellent slides on their smartphones, with the help of the feature it houses. Once you have understood the app, you will be able to make excellent slides within a matter of minutes. The Slide labs app features greate filters, allows users to add music from their library. Slide labs are on those slideshow apps that don’t reduce the quality of images used in slides. Slide labs automatically adjust for vine or Instagram, features a lot of transition, and many other features.

3. PicFlow

best slideshow maker apps

Picflow lets you animate static pictures, turning them to different parts of a slide. Picflow is an Android app that allows users create awesome slides on their Android smartphones. Picflow houses a lot of easy to use slideshow making tools, that are easy to reach.

Picflow lets users dictate the timing of every photo uploaded and then lines it up to the selected tune, allowing users to create exciting slideshows. The Picflow app features 18 different transitions, drag and drops function, social media share option.

4. Photo FX Live Wallpaper

best slideshow maker apps

Photo FX Live Wallpaper is yet another awesome slideshow app, available on the Android platform. With over 13 million downloads, it is very evident that the Photo FX Live wallpaper is a highly coveted slideshow app. The Photo FX live wallpaper app lets users create an impressive slideshow on their Android smartphones. Apart from being a slideshow maker app, Photo FX Live wallpaper is an excellent photo editor app.

5. Pigram


Pigram lets users combine photos on their smartphones, converting them to slides with transitions. Pigram lets you create slides seamlessly. It enables you to sync songs to slides created within the app.

It Pigram also houses filter, that can be used to improve the appearance of photos.  It also houses a social media share feature that lets users share slides on social media, with one click.

6. Dayframe


Dayframe is a slideshow maker app designed for the experienced editor. It houses features that suit the needs of professionals. It features an intuitive menu and customizable options. The Dayframe app can be used offline; it lets you create slideshows with impressive photo quality; it features a social media share button, that lets you share slides on social media with one click.

7. PicPlay Post

Best Slideshow Maker Apps for Android

Famous for being a collage video maker, PicPlayPost is yet another excellent Slideshow maker you can employ in making interesting slides on your Android device. It lets users stack up photos, turning them into slides. It also lets users sync songs with slides. Similar to the already mentioned apps, Picplay post is available on the Google PlayStore for downloads.

8. Slideshow Maker

slideshow maker

Last but not least, is the slideshow maker app. Its name says it all. Similar to the already mentioned apps, the slideshow maker app, is an app designed to for users who desire to make excellent slides on their Android smartphones.

This app features themes that you can use to make your slides look more presentable. It also houses a photo editor that you can use to enhance photos on slides.

There you have it – The best slideshow maker apps for android. If you have other suggestions, feel free to drop comment section.


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