Valentine’s Day should NOT be the only day to show love to your partner, but it can be a day set aside to do something extraordinary for him or her. This can happen via an unexpected trip, flowers, or a cool dinner reservation, but if you need a little inspiration to help you to ensure your better half is amazed by your affection this year, you need to check out our 10 Best Valentine’s day’s Apps For Android/iPhones 2019:

1. Avocado

This is an interesting way for you and your partner to have that private time you both seek. In addition to being a rapid, private, and cute messaging service that allows you to share photos in a shared media gallery, you can explore shared lists for almost everything else, from weekly groceries to new date plans and so on. It is filled with entertaining and amusing stickers plus the ability to draw pictures for those that love to engage themselves in that.

2. TextPics

Do not get me wrong, a normal “Happy Valentine’s Day!” text to a loved one should still work its magic on him or her but why go the normal way when you can blow your partner’s mind away with something unexpected, shocking and amazingly-appealing? Make use of the new text art from TextPics instead to make February 14 a day to remember for your partner. It includes a massive selection of romance-themed art including hearts, arrows, flowers, and more.

3. OpenTable

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This is that app to trust not just on Feb 14 but every day of the year. Nothing drives a woman crazy than a relaxed, romantic dinner at a fantastic restaurant. Looking for restaurants, finding them and then booking reservations is the simple process here.

Some restaurants go as far as confusing you with juicy offers you’ll find it hard to say No too. There is also a feature on this app that stands out; this is the “Dining Rewards Program.” It is like a frequent-flyer program, but for eating outside your house. Points are also earned for using the app to make reservations, not just any points, points that you can trade with an Amazon Gift Card and Dining Rewards Gift.

4. Munchery

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This is for those that prefer not to leave their homes to have a nice time with their partners. It caters for those that fancy staying indoors for that romantic dinner. Munchery offers a selection of fabulous meals, cooked fresh and delivers them to your door. It is so apt that same-day delivery is possible in some areas. If you wish to switch things up, Munchery has you covered with their partnership with Google Music to work on playlists to go with your meals.

5. Giftgram

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This app focuses on gifts. They’ve got the presents for all who care to buy for themselves and those that want to share, all you need to do is ask if you’re looking for that perfect gift on Valentine’s Day to show that special someone some unforgettable love, Giftgram is your guy.

All you have to do is decide on the item you seek, type in your loved one’s email address, and Giftgram will do wonders. Because delivery might take 5 days to get to you, you might want to place orders as quickly as possible to avoid disappointments.

6. OkCupid

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It is boring, yes, but not everyone has a date to enjoy Valentine’s Day with. But with OkCupid, you have a great platform to join and explore its excellent social dating app that will let you meet and chat with interesting people wherever you are. OkCupid is said to be the highest rated dating app available and features useful matching algorithms to help you find the right partner to show that passionate love.

7. iKamasutra

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If you love a cozy Valentine’s Day, I mean if you love it sexy or sensual, iKamaSutra specializes in aiding that. With a variety of sexual positions in several categories, and with pictures to assist you to get the full picture of the information they are trying to pass across, iKamasutra is readily-available to lecture you on a few new tricks.

The app also allows you to track your progress through the positions and make a favorites list. Each position gets points by intimacy, complexity, and strength to help you find the best choice for you and your partner. It is one to check out.

8. Postmates

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Sometimes we forget about the significance of Feb 14 and what it stands for or can’t find the time to pay the store a visit. Do not fret, Postmates has you covered. It allows your shop from stores and restaurants around you. If what you are a looker for is not seen on the app, the feature – Postmates Anywhere lets you place an order from any store in your city. Its rapid delivery of 60 minutes is a sign that they take their customer service seriously.

9. Valentine’s day Love Keyboard Theme

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This app will change most things about your iPhone, bestowing it with a new-generation look. It provides more than 3000 free keyboard themes, and also feature 3D themes plus DIY themes features with fonts, wallpapers, and cute vital tones. Autocorrect is a tap away. And if you see yourself liking a unique 3D effect while you type, this app is willing to offer you that experience. As if that wasn’t good enough, The app is available in about 85 languages which cover about 138 countries.

10. The Photo Cookbook – Baking

What screams out “Happy Valentine’s Day” better than home-baked goods? I don’t know about anything else. The Photo Cookbook – Baking is a great app with loads of recipes for lovely treats including cookies, cakes, and pastries. In addition to the fantastic features, this app also provides pleasing photography that explains the steps just the way you’ll like them. Installing this App for Valentine’s Day purposes will not be a waste of time.

Valentine’s day just got better. With these apps list of best valentine’s day’s apps, you will be able to show love in a grand style. Feel free to drop your recommendations, in the comment box below.


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