Water is needed to ensure your body’s temperature is duly regulated, joints are intact, soft tissues are safeguarded plus it is quite useful for getting rid of wastes from the body. Staying hydrated also battles headaches to keep that head of yours pain-free. To ensure your water intake is effective, here is our list of 10 Best Water Reminder Apps for Android 2019:

best water reminder apps

1. Water Drink Reminder

With other unique features that will aid your water drinking lifestyle, this app is very handy when it comes to monitoring your water intake at different strategic times, daily. It is one of the most-respected water reminder apps on the Google Play Store with several downloads that proves its effectiveness. I’m talking more than 10 million as at now. If you find it difficult to drink as much water as you should, which is not in your best interest, medically, then this app serves as a timely reminder. If you also love visiting the gym, you should be friends with the Water Drink Reminder app as well. The sizes this app comes in is according to your Android device.

2. Drink Water Reminder – Daily Water Intake And Alarm

If your aim is to look pretty, healthy, sharp and young, then you are in the right place. You are allowed to decide on the volume of water you wish to take in at the right times during the day. You do not drink water excessively or just at any time, this is why you need an app like this to put you through. This app has an alarm that notifies you of the appropriate time to wet that throat, the right quantity to take in and for monitoring purposes of how many times you feel thirsty daily. With just 4.1MB of your internal memory needed, it is a must-have on your Android device.

3. Drinking Water Reminder App

This is on the Google Play Store and it has brilliant features that make something as basic as setting an alarm a beauty to watch. Sometimes we do not remember to drink something after eating in the morning, for those who eat very early, we focus on getting to work on time that we forget to take in at least one glass of water before dashing out, this app ensures that does not happen at all.

It aids you to never let that slip your mind. It also has a calculator for your calories and weight. This means it aids you to keep the right shape you desire. 3.5MB is all it takes to install it, I suggest you do that right now.

4. Hydro Coach – Water Drink Reminder And Tracker

This is a new app. Hydro Coach is very useful for because it will not just remind you to drink a certain quantity of water, it also monitors your intake and tells you about what your gains are if your water intake is apt with its decent notifications. It has lots of other benefits that make it unique. Its size is just 16MB and it currently has over 1 million downloads.

5. Water Time – Drink Reminder App, Water Diet Tracker

Just drink water the way you are instructed to do so on this app and you’ll thank it for the rest of your life. Drinking water daily is needed, so you definitely need instructions to follow to ensure you are doing it correctly.

It is a simple app that you’ll understand easily. It helps boosts your health and productivity daily. With over 5 million downloads, the app must be working.

6. Daily Water Tracker Reminder

Same as the apps already listed but with additional features. Its tracker ability is not rampant in other apps and that makes it stand out. Notifications are available for you to tweak so they remind you when you need to be reminded. It monitors your daily water intake so you do not bother to cheat. You can customize it to suit your style. Its 35MB in installation size is a bit on the high side, but trust me, it is worth it.

7. Aquaalert: Water Intake Tracker

This app engages in the calculation of your intake of water every 24 hours and reminds you of when next you should drink water. Drinking never skips your mind with this app. Records of these intakes will be stored and kept for you to reference whenever you want, in the future.

That way, you can compare the benefits you are experiencing with your style of drinking of water with what it used to be. This app is for all age grades. It does not have a constant size as it is different for several Android phones.

8. Gulp – Hydrate And Track Water

This app has a smooth and user-friendly UI. It aids you by not just making it simple for you to log your drinks, it also monitors your progress towards your target. Its pace ring allows you to be aware of what your water intake should be at all times during the day. You can also sync it with Google Fit for greater efficiency.

9. Waterlogged – Daily Hydration Tracker

We know we need water, but even if most of us will not admit it, some of us do not like its taste or lack of it. With this app, you can track beverages as well. It aids you to save your favorite liquids for easy access when you need them.

10. iHydrate – Daily Water Tracker & Hydration Reminder

It is not false that you can hydrate with other liquids and not just water. This application helps in monitoring everything from soda to alcohol for your hydration benefits. It calculates the water percentage in these drinks just so you still have an idea of how much of the most important liquid you are taking in.

Customizability is bliss in this app. It gives you the freedom to export your data and also syncs well with HealthKit, Fitbit, and Jawbone.

There you have it. A comprehensive list of best water reminder apps for Android. These apps have features that constantly reminds users to drink water.


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