With summer looming and the mercury rising, this is the best time to invest in a good air conditioner for your home. However, with a long list of options out there right now, we can help you to narrow things down today. See the best options in our list of 5 Best Window Air Conditioners For Summer:

1. Koldfront WAC18001W:

Koldfront WAC18001W
Koldfront WAC18001W

This is the best air conditioner around right now for lots of reasons. Its 18,000 BTU performance not only helps to cool down a space of up to 1,000 square feet seamlessly, Koldfront WAC18001W also comes with a fan and dehumidifier setting.

This AC even has the ability to heat a room, and this makes it the best choice all-year-round. It is home to weather seals in the box too, therefore, you can keep the outdoor air out and work with a window size between 31 and 42 inches.

2. Frigidaire Window-Mounted Compact Air Conditioner:

Frigidaire 550-sq ft Window Air Conditioner (115-Volt; 12000-BTU ...

If you are searching for an AC unit that can be installed easily, this is the air conditioner for you. The device comes with 12,000 BTU performance, letting it cool a 550-square-foot space and it can remove 3.8 pints of water per hour from the air during its dehumidifying stage.

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As soon it is powered on, you can set your preferred temperature and let it go. The window-mounted AC will then keep your air at that temperature and power on and off as required.

3. Whirlpool Energy Star Air Conditioner:

Whirlpool Energy Star Air Conditioner
Whirlpool Energy Star Air Conditioner

This one helps to cool your room and it comes with a 12.1 energy efficiency ratio, making it a very high energy efficient choice. It possesses 12,000 BTU performance and it can cool rooms up to 550 square feet.

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It is quite small and will fit into a window between 26 inches and 36 inches. When it is powered on, a dehumidifier mode means 2.6 pints of water can be taken out of the air every hour.

4. Della Window Air Conditioner:

Della Window Air Conditioner
Della Window Air Conditioner

Still on the topic of 5 of the best window air conditioners for summer. This AC combines energy efficiency with lots of user control, making it a superb choice for those who do not plan to hurt their pocket.

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It delivers variable temperature control, letting you set it between 61 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit. With its 24-hour timer and ECO mode, which helps to decrease energy usage, we are not shocked that it has a 12.1 EER Energy Star rating.

5. LG LW1019IVSM Energy Star Window Air Conditioner:

LG LW1019IVSM : 9,500 BTU DUAL Inverter Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Window ...

Even if it is difficult to make an attractive window AC nowadays, this one is definitely pleasing on the eye. It features a smooth white finish and it is not noisy at all. This air conditioner offers cool temperatures while still decreasing energy usage. Having said that, at 9,500 BTU, it will only be good enough for cooling a small room. With Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built-in, you can power it on and control it with your voice.

More Information On Air Conditioner:

Air conditioning (often referred to as AC, A/C, or air con) is the process of removing heat and moisture from the interior of an occupied space to improve the comfort of occupants. Air conditioning can be used in both domestic and commercial environments.

This process is most commonly used to achieve a more comfortable interior environment, typically for humans and other animals; however, air conditioning is also used to cool and dehumidify rooms filled with heat-producing electronic devices, such as computer servers, power amplifiers, and to display and store some delicate products, such as artwork.

Air conditioners often use a fan to distribute the conditioned air to an enclosed space such as a building or a car to improve thermal comfort and indoor air quality.

Electric refrigerant-based AC units range from small units that can cool a small bedroom, which can be carried by a single adult, to massive units installed on the roof of office towers that can cool an entire building.

The cooling is typically achieved through a refrigeration cycle, but sometimes evaporation or free cooling is used. Air conditioning systems can also be made based on desiccants (chemicals that remove moisture from the air). Some AC systems reject or store heat in subterranean pipes.

In construction, a complete system of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is referred to as HVAC. As of 2015, air conditioning was installed in 87% of US households according to the US Energy Information Administration.

In 2018 the United Nations called for the technology to be made more sustainable to mitigate climate change.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of 5 of the best window air conditioners for Summer. If you have any personal favorites or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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