This is a complete list of all internet data bundle plans provided by all Nigerian Internet Service providers with their prices and subscription/activation codes inclusive. It comes in handy if you do not know which network to choose from and which Internet bundle plan you would love to activate for your usage. This guides covers the various major network providers in Nigeria namely; MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat. mtn etisalat airtel glo data plan Let’s start with MTN.

====  Updated: 12th June 2018 =====

Here’s a comprehensive list of the Data Plan Bundles Available in Nigeria and prices as at June 2018

All MTN Nigeria Internet Data Plans and Activation Codes

All MTN Internet Data Plans and Activation Codes

MTN Nigeria, being one of the largest Internet service providers in Nigeria decided to up their game recently by introducing/revisiting their internet data bundles prices and data capped for each plan. This time, MTN has made these plans readily available to smartphone users especially as their has been a rise in the usage of android devices in Nigeria, in fact, these internet plans are now available at a cheap plan. Here are the plans currently available.

MTN Daily Plans

30MB for N100: You can now have access to 30MB of internet data for 24Hrs for just N100 by dialing *104# or texting 104 to 131 in an SMS.

100MB for N200: Similar to the plan above, you can get 100MB for just N200 for 24Hrs by dialing *113# or texting 113 in an SMS to 131.

MTN Weekly Plans

750MB for #500: This is the only weekly plan currently available to MTN subscribers. You can access this plan for 7 days by dialing *103# or sending 103 in an SMS to 131 for just N500.

Monthly MTN Data Plans

1GB for N1000: This is the most affordable monthly plan available on the MTN network. Costing N1000, you have access to the internet capped at 1.5GB for 30 days. You can subscribe by dialing *106# or sending 106 in an SMS to 131.

3.5GB for N2000: Yet another affordable monthly plan for the average smartphone internet user. You get 3.5GB data on your line for 30 days by dialing *110# or sending 110 in an SMS to 131.

10GB for N5000: Now this plan is preferable in my opinion to the spectranet N5000 since MTN seems to have a stable network across Nigeria and more so, you get extra 5GB for the same amount. You can get this plan by dialing *116# or texting 116 in an SMS to 131.

22GB for N10000: This for now is the highest plan MTN seems to offer. You get 22GB data for a period of 30 days at a price of N10,000. Simply dial *117# or text 117 to 131 and have the plan activated.

Note: You can also see all available data plans MTN are currently offering by dialing *131*1# on your device.
Also check out all other MTN Data plans , more so, if you wish to see MTN Blackberry plans, click on this link.

Checking your MTN Data Balance can be easily done by texting 2 in an sms to 131.

All Etisalat Internet Data Bundles And Subscription Codes

All Etisalat Data Plans and Activation Codes

As the competition between continue to rise as regards who wins over more internet subscriber, Etisalat decided to join in the battle of affordable data plans. I consider this healthy competition as the prices of internet data plans would continue dropping if this continues.

Etisalat Daily Plans

10MB for N100: The basic plan on the Etisalat network that offers you 10MB for N100. To subscribe to this plan, dial *229*3*1# or text MI1 to 229. It would last a period of 24HRs.

Etisalat Weekend Plan

1GB for N500: This is a weekend plans that works from Friday 11:59pm through Sunday 11:59pm. You are charged N500 to get 1GB worth of data and to subscribe to this data plan, simple dial *5995*2#.

Weekly Plans


Etisalat Monthly Plans

1.5GB for N1000: The N1000 data plan on Etisalat that offers you a data cap of 1.5GB for 30 days is the basic monthly plan offered by this service provider. To subscribe to this internet bundle, simply dial *229*2*7# or send AND1 in an sms to 229.

3.5GB for N2000: Yet another gullible monthly plan on Etisalat network. With N2000 you get 3.5GB of data for 30 days. To subscribe, dial *229*2*8# or text AND2 to 229.

3GB for N4000: This is another plan I wouldn’t recommend since the offer above seems to be better. Here, you are offered a data cap of 3GB for 4000 for a 30 day period. To subscribe to this offer, simply text MB4 to 229 or dial *229*2*4#.

5GB for N6500: This is another internet data bundle still offered for a monthly period on the Etisalat network offering you 5GB of internet data for N6500. To activate this plan, dial *229*2*3# or text MB5 to 229.

8GB for N8000: As the prices keep going higher, the plans do not really seem to get interesting. On this internet plan, you get 8GB worth of data for N8000. To activate this plan, dial *229*2*5# or text MB6 to 229.

10GB for N10000: You get a data cap of 10GB on this bundle just for N10000. To subscribe, dial *229*4*1# or text SM1 to 229 and have it activated.

15GB for N15000: This is yet another plan on the Etisalat network which offers you a data cap of 15GB for N15000. To simply activate this internet plan for your devices, dial *229*4*2# or text SM2 to 229.

20GB for N18000: With N18000 on the Etisalat network, you get a data cap of 20GB valid for a period of 30 days by dialing *229*4*3# or texting SM3 to 229.

100GB for N84992: Yet another monthly plan offered by Etisalat plan, this is actually the most expensive on the network for a period of 30 days. You can get this plan by dialing *229*4*5# or texting SM5 to 229.

Etisalat 3 Months Plan

30GB for N27,500: On this 3 months (90 days) internet data bundle offered by Etisalat, you get a data cap of 30GB by dialing *229*5*1# or texting 4M to 229.

Etisalat 4 Months Plan

60GB for N55000: Here’s also the only data plan offered for a period of 4 months at a price tag of N55,000 for 60GB. You can purchase this internet plan b dialing *229*5*2#  or texting 6M to 229.

Etisalat Yearly Plan

120GB for N110000: This is the only  yearly plan offered by Etisalat Nigeria. You get a data cap of 120GB for a period of 365 days for N110,000. To subscribe to this plan, you can dial *229*5*3# or text 12M to 229.

Other Etisalat Plans (Blackberry Plans, Socialpak, Videopak, Chatpak)

There are couple of other plans offered by Etisalat Nigeria Internet Service Provider for light internet users such as the Etisalat Chatpak, Etisalat Socialpak and Etisalat Videopak which can be found here: 9mobile Data Plans. If you are in search of the Etisalat Blackberry plans, you might want to check this other post by clicking here.

To check the data balance on Etisalat, Text Bal to 228 or simply dial *228#.

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All Glo Nigeria Internet Data Bundles and Activation Codes

All Glo Nigeria Internet Bundle and Subscription Codes

If there’s one Internet Service Provider that offers the most affordable interent bundle packages in Nigeria, it’s obviously Globacom. They have a wide range of affordable internet plans to choose from, though one downside to this network is the fact that their speed crawls in some areas, other than that, they’ve got wonderful plans as can be seen below.

Glo Daily Plan

30MB for N50: This plan is the basic daily plan offered by Glo for a period of 24HRs. It goes for N50 with a data cap of 30MB. Activate this plan by dialing *127*14#.

100MB for N100: The next daily plan on the Glo networks offers you 100MB for just N100. You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *127*51#.

Glo 3-Day Plan

200MB for N200: This plans offers you 200MB for just N200 and stays valid for 3 days as long as you do not exhaust the data cap. You can subscribe to this Glo plan by dialing *127*56#.

Glo Weekly Plans

1GB for N500: This plan actually supasses the period of 7 days, in fact, the plan stays valid for a period of 10 days. You can activate the 1GB plan for N500 by dialing *127*57#.

Glo Monthly Plans

2GB for N1000: The least plan on the monthly offers by Globacom goes for N1000 at a data cap of 2GB. To activate this plan, simply dial *127*53#.

6GB for N2000: This is yet another plan offered for a period of 30 day validity with 6GB for N2000. Dial *127*55#.

10GB for N2500: Also has a validity period of 30 days, you can subscribe by dialing *127*58# to get 10GB for N2,500.

12GB for N3000: You can activate this plan 12GB for N3,000 in a validity period of 30 days on the Glo network.

18GB for N4000: This is also another cheap plan to get 18GB worth of data for just N4,000. You can activate this plan by dialing *127*59#.

24GB for N5000: For me, this should be the best plan for light internet data users on this network. You are offered 24GB for N5,000. You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *127*2#.

48GB for N8000: Next to the plan above is the 48GB for just N8,000. It stays valid for a period of 30 days. To activate this internet plan, dial *127*1#.

60GB for N15000: Yet another 30 day plan on Glo, you get 60GB for N15,000 by dialing *127*12#.

90GB for N18000: This is actually the most expensive on the list of monthly data plans on the Glo network. You get 90GB for N18,000. This is definitely worth the money as compared to major internet service providers in Nigeria. To subscribe to this plan, simply dial *127*13#.

Glo Weekend/Night Plans

1GB for N200: For the night crawlers, this plan offers you 1GB for 1 night by dialing *127*60# at just N200.

3GB for N500: Activate this 3GB weekend/night plan by dialing *127*61# for just N500. You are offered 3GB for 7 nights and weekend.

Glo Other Plans ( +Blackberry Plans)

If you wish to check out other internet data plans offered by Glo Nigeria click here: Glo Data Plans. But if you wish to check out the Glo Blackberry plans, Click Here.

You can easily check Glo Data Balance by texting Info to 127.

All Airtel Nigeria Data Bundles Plans and Subscription Codes

All Airtel Nigeria Internet Data Bundles and Activation Codes

Airtel used to be one of the most affordable networks in terms of data plans, but now the competition seems to be coming tough on them. Below are their data plans you might want to check out.

Airtel Daily Data Bundles

30MB for N100: The least on the airtel daily plans is this N100 bundle that offers 30MB. To opt-in to this plan, simply dial *410#.

Airtel 3 Days Data Bundles

50MB for N300: In my opinion, this plan shouldn’t exist as the 30MB makes more sense. You get 50MB at N300 by dialing *412#.

Airtel Weekly Data Bundles

750MB for N500: Yes, you pay N500 and you’ll get 750MB for a week on the Airtel Nigeria network. It’s quite simple to subscribe to this plan by simply dialing *418#.

Airtel Monthly Data Bundles

1.5GB for N1000: This plan is officially stated to be the Android 1.0 plan on the Airtel network, and YES it works for any device. You can activate this 30-day plan by simply dialing *496#.

3.5GB for N2000: This is the next in line for Android devices, and it actually works on any device. You can subscribe to this 3.5GB plan that’s priced at N2,000 by dialing *437#.

5GB for N2500: Now things start getting interesting with the Airtel network. You can get a whooping 5GB for just N2,500 and validity period runs through for 30 days on the network. To activate this plan, dial *437*1#.

7GB for N3500: You can subscribe to this internet data bundle on Airtel for a validity period of 30 days for N3,500 to get 7GB of data by dialing *438#.

12GB for N5000: Yet another another plan that offers value for your money on this list is the 12GB data bundle for N5,000 only. Activate this plan by dialing *452#.

24GB for N8000: The top on the list of Airtel Nigeria data plans is this 24GB for N8,000 internet bundle. You can activate this plan by simply dialing *460#.

Other Airtel Internet Bundles

Airtel Nigeria offers a couple of other internet bundles such as those for Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Opera Mini. To check these other Airtel Plans, Click Here. More so, you might want to check out All Airtel Blackberry internet Bundles also by clicking here.

Here’s how to check Airtel Data balance. Simply dial *141*11*0# or *123*10# or dial *141*712*0#


====  Updated: 12th June 2016 =====

The internet data plans and activation codes listed above from the point marked as Updated are the current internet bundles and activation codes for various Nigerian Internet service providers. Any other listed below have either been updated with the ones above or even completely removed. You might want to still compare the above plans with the ones previously offered by these service operators below.

All Internet Data Bundle Plans for MTN Nigeria and their Subscription Codes

Plan NameService RentalBundle SizeValidity PeriodSMS CodeTarget Device
MTN Mobile DailyN10010MB24 hoursText 104 to 131Handset
MTN Daily InternetN500150MB24 hoursText 104 to 131Handset/PC/tablet
MTN  250MB Mobile BrowsingN1300250MB24/7- 30 daysText 109 to 131Handset/PC/tablet
MTN 500MB Mobile BrowsingN2,000500MB24/7- 30 daysText 110 to 131Handset/PC/tablet
MTN 1GB Mobile BrowsingN3,5001GB24/7- 30 daysText 111 to 131PC/tablet
MTN Monthly for MobileN1000100MB24/7- 30 daysText 106 to 131Handset
MTN Weekly for MobileN50025MB24/7- 7 daysText 105 to 131Handset
MTN Monthly InternetN80005GB24/7- 30 daysText 101 to 131PC/tablet
MTN Weekend InternetN30003GB9am Fri – 9pm Mon, 30 daysText 108 to 131Handset/PC/tablet
MTN Day Time InternetN6,0003GB9am – 9pm, 30 daysText 107 to 131Handset/PC/tablet
MTN Night InternetN2,5003GB9pm – 6am, 30 daysText 102 to 131PC/tablet

Below is also Other MTN Data Plans that are Time Based (It is known as the MTN Hourly Plans).

Time LimitAmountActivation CodeValidity Period
2 HoursN250Text 2H to 1312 Days
20 HoursN1500Text 20H to 1317 Days
100 HoursN5000Text 100H to 13130 Days
300 HoursN13000Text 300H to 13190 Days

To check your internet Data balance on any MTN Internet Bundle Plan, simply Text 2 to 131. Now, lets move over to the Airtel Network.

All Internet Data Bundle Plans for Airtel Nigeria and their Subscription Codes

Plan NameService RentalBundle SizeValidity PeriodUSSD CodeTarget Device
Airtel Daily Internet BrowsingN10010MB24 hours*141*712*11#Handset
Airtel Day Internet BrowsingN500150MB24 hours*141*712*3#Handset /PC /tablet
Airtel Weekly Internet BrowsingN40025MB24/7- 7 days*141*712*9#Handset
Airtel Weekend Internet BrowsingN3,0003GBweekends*141*712*8#Handset /PC /tablet
Airtel Lite Internet BundleN1,000200MB24/7- 30 days*141*712*4#Handset /PC /tablet
Airtel Night Internet BrowsingN2,5003GB30 dayS*141*712*7#PC/tablet
Airtel Plus Internet BrowsingN5,0003GB24/7- 30 days*141*712*1#Handset /PC/tablet
Airtel Max Internet BrowsingN80005GB24/7- 30 days*141*712*2#PC/tablet
Airtel Premium Internet BundleN15,00010GB24/7- 30 days*141*712*5#PC/tablet
Airtel Smartphone Internet BundleN3,0001GB24/7- 30 days*141*712*10#PC/tablet

Above are all the internet bundle plans offered by the Airtel Nigeria Network, to check your Data Bundle Plans on your Airtel SIM, simply dial *141*712*0#. Now straight down to the Glo Network.

All Internet Data Bundle Plans for Glo Nigeria and their Activation Codes

Plan NameService RentalBundle SizeValidity PeriodUSSD CodeSMS CodeTarget Device
Instant SurfN10010MB24 hours*127*51#Text 51 to 127Handset
One WeekN40050MB7 days*127*52#Text 52 to 127Handset/PC/tablets
Always MicroN1,000200MB30 days*127*53#Text 53 to 127Handset/PC/tablets
Always MacroN30001GB30 days*127*54#Text 54 to 127PC/tablets
Always MinN50003GB30 days Text 11 to 127PC/tablets
Always MaxN75006GB30 days Text 12 to 127PC/tablets
Always DayN500150MB24 hours*127*10#Text 10 to 127Handset/PC/tablets
Silver PlanN10,00010GB30 days*127*11# PC/tablets
Gold PlanN15,00015GB30 days*127*12# PC/tablets
PlatiniumN18,00020GB30 days*127*13# PC/tablets
Glo G100N6,0003GB data limit100 hours Text 20 to 127PC/tablets
Glo G300N15,0004GB data limit300 hours Text 21 to 127PC/tablets
Glo G WorkN6,0003GB data limit8am – 9pm Text 31 to 127PC/tablets
Glo G LeisureN5,0003GB data limit8pm – 9am + all day weekend Text 30 to 127PC/tablets

These are all the codes for your internet data plans on the Glo network. To check you internet information, text info to 127.

All Internet Data Bundle Plans for Etisalat Nigeria and their Activation Codes

Below is a table that contains the etisalat plans and their subscription codes.

Plan NameService RentalBundle SizeValidity PeriodUSSD CodeTarget Device
Etisalat Daily Internet BundleN10010MB24 hours*229*3*1#Handset
Etisalat Weekly Internet Browsing BundleN50050MB7 days*229*3*4#Handset
Etisalat 200MB Internet Browsing BundleN1,000200MB30 days*229*2*1# 
Etisalat 500MB Internet Browsing BundleN2,000500MB30 days*229*2*2#Handset /PC /tablet
Etisalat 1.5GB Internet Browsing BundleN4,0001.5GB30 days*229*2*4#Handset /PC /tablet
Etisalat 3GB Internet Browsing BundleN6,5003GB30 days)*229*2*3#Handset /PC /tablet
Etisalat 6GB Internet Browsing BundleN8,0006GB30 days*229*2*5#PC/tablet
Etisalat Night & Weekends BrowsingN4,000 30 days*229*3*3#Handset /PC /tablet

To check your data balance on your Etisalat SIM, dial*228# I hope you now can choose which particular network you wish to subscribe to their internet data bundle package. Feel free to add any code you think can be useful using the comment box below.

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  1. It’s evident that you are a passionate person who loves to come to the aid of others. I heard android devices especially Samsung galaxy consumes data a great deal, how true is this? Thanks so much.

  2. Pls does the mtn time limit plan have data restrictions. Im asking because I have great need for skyping and will benefit alot from it if limitation is just on the time and unlimited data. thanks

  3. Really appreciate dis. Is der any data plan dat can b used on andriod phone just like the BIS plan for blackberry that makes it possible for one to dowmload as much as possible within one month allotted

  4. Is the glo ‘always micro’ bundle still runing? I tried it some weeks back and it didn’t work. Please what could I would like to know if it still works.

  5. Hi,you didnt mention the MTN monthly data package for night browsing only ie 9pm-6am,which goes for #2500 only and you will be given 3gb,then an additional 1.5gb which is for promo,making it a total of 4.5gb for the month!text 104 to 131
    but pls do we have any other netwrk with such monthly night browsing and how much does it cost and how many gbytes do they offer…pls reply urgently,thanks in anticipation.

    • Hi Austine,
      I sure did mention the MTN N2500 night plan, only that as at time of post,the promo wasn’t on and I wouldn’t want to add the promo issue since it is time conditional.
      I hope you do understand.

  6. Gud job. Plaz i want to know as a student which of the plans will i get value for my money and the network that is the best in terms of service and speed. And is there any of the service providers that their data finishes faster?

    • Hi Aaron,
      The MTN BBM package does not work with Android smartphones unless you wish to run a VPN such as the DroidVPN, and this would cost you an additional $4/month (roughly that amount). I think is would be better going for normal packages for your Android smartphone since the BBM stuff is also limited.

  7. Are you saying,I can load up the 2gb for 1500, and just flip the sim card,in either of my modem,or android tablet,or bb,and it works? Wanna get it clear. Thanks

  8. Please can the mtn 4.5gig work for day time or how does it work? Cos I heard some people say one can use it during the day. How true is that fact?

    • Hi JeffyLaw,
      Actually the plan was actually 3GB night plan, but MTN recently added 1.5GB for day usage and this makes up the 4.5GB. So 3GB for night and 1.5GB for the day. I hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  9. Dear Oscar, pls can u futher help with this airtel 1.5k vs 2gb stuff. I normally connect via nokia asha 200 over bluetooth, but I seem not to be making any headway after this subscription! Any more manipulations?

  10. Greetings Oscar. Ure simply d bomb. I’ve a lil challenge, I subscribed for d airtel 2GB on my iphone, it shows 2GB wen I chek my data bal bt I cnt browse wt d airtel default settings. Pls hw can I mke it wrk? Tnx in advance.

  11. Thanks for post. Please could u kindly tell me the best network and internet plan for android tablet in Warri and its environs.

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  13. want to find out if mtn still add extra 175mb wen u subscribe for the 250mb monthly data plan for #1300? thanks in anticipation.

  14. Weldone Frank, you are really doing a great job here. The most impressive aspect of it is that you replied to all the comments. I just want to know if there is data bonus on Airtel like that of etisalat easy clique. Thanks in anticipation.

    • Hi Pal,
      Thanks for the compliment. Anyway, I get additional bonus of 2GB for their #1500 data plan whenever I subscribe with *440*161# instead of *440*16# . Though it doesn’t work on all SIMs. That’s actually all I know about their bonus for now. Would keep you in the know when I find out more. Do have a great day pal.

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  16. hello bro thanks for the wonderful work here. Ur page is No 1 on my bkmark. Pls I ld like to knw if the airtel N1500, 2gb is open 24/7 30days?

    • Hi Yahya,
      I barely know about their lines working with the internet bundles when it comes to roaming or traveling to other countries. You could call up their customer service. Do have a great day.

  17. helo bro, I jst activated the N1,500 2gb suscription…its an unlimited blackberry suscription. And it doesnt wrk with my moderm on pc.. I use the default airtel Apn-… It rather works with black berry only. I am kinda dissapointed.

    • Hi Lemar,
      I guess you hard network problems when you tried it. You can re-check with the Apn as . This is what I’m using right now on my modem to reply your comment. Do have a great day,

  18. Oscar, thks for ur effort. I am having the same problm too with d #1500 airtel bundle data. Is not connecting at all. I have a full airtel network here.

  19. U have done well but u still need to update and upgrade. New data plans are in vogue now. Nobody cares to continue with those codes given by the network in question. Take care sha, you are good.

  20. Thanks bro,I use an iPad and the way this device gozzule my mb doesn’t make it too easy,I actually subscribe to this 1500 airtel but most time their network seem crazy just an etisalt or mtn code that works for real that will ease this madness and yet friendly as per cash just like airtel,thank bro for the good job you are doing.

  21. Hiya, weldone! Pls do u knw of manipulation so 2 speak, (such as ds 2GB 4 1500 airtel blackberry plan) 4 mtn? I nid it bad 4 an android. Btw, der ws dis airtel stuf too, 6gb for 3k. n it runs for 6months. Usin it currently on a tab. (aldoh dunno if it’s stil available. Code I used is*440*016#. Tot u might wana knw.or u prolly do. Plsss answer as per a cheap manipulation 4 mtn! 10ks

    • Hi Layo,
      I currently make use of the airtel N1500 because my sim is always credited with 2GB additional data, altogether 4GB for N1500. So i’m on the gaining side, rather than 6GB for N3000, I get 8GB. Anyway, thanks for reminding me of the plan. BTW, I currently do know of any MTN cheap data such as this for airtel. But i’ll sure update this post when I come up with any. Thanks and do have a great week ahead.

  22. hey…. topman… good work here….
    Is it possible you could do a piece on the VISAPHONE alternatives….especially their wireless modem and packages…also any more on other wireless packages from the other ISPs will be appreciated…. thaaaa….anks !!!

  23. Pls Sir I want to know if I can use my bb subscription to browse with modem and hw do I do abt bcos I ve tried it but is not working tanx alot

    • Hi Doris,
      It’s quite possible only if you run a VPN software which has a monthly subscription. I would suggest you go for direct data plans other than that method because it tends to go slow most time running those softwares.

  24. Hi, I stumbled on your blog and it’s just the right answer for me. Well I just got a new tecno pad how ever I don’t want to keep switching on/off my data this to allow me get my mail, pings etc. Pls what plan would you sugest I get? Thanks

  25. Hi,I’m an heavy internet user.I loaded 1500 airtel worth of airtym on my modem bt it dint last 4 more dn 4days.wt do I do & plz note dt I dint download anytin.Or whc (inexpensive)plan/network do u advice I go 4 considerin d fact dt I’m an heavy internet user.10x & reply asap,I’m runnin outta tym.

    • Hi Scope,
      Thanks for finding time to read through. BTW, I would advice you cut down the amount of data you consume. Maybe start cutting down the level of videos you stream (that’s if you do), and maybe turn off images if you are on a low budget.
      These the available data bundle plans so far.
      I hope this helps.:)

  26. 10x 4 d prompt response,bt I dnt do videos nor downloads,& d 2rt is dt wit my kinda job,images r inevitable.its rily givin mi concern.ow true is d additional data wn u recharge a worth of 1500(2gb).& ow long cn 2gb last.

    • The additional data isn’t for everyone. Before you try it out, you must have received an sms from them saying you are eligible for that. Talking about how long it lasts depends on your activities.

  27. U hav really done a nice job, been searchin 4 such inforamtion 4 long, thanks Bro, really appreciate, can I use my Blackberry sub on my PC, need urgent answer

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  29. Thanks for your updates. My itel android 2.3.5 isn’t working with the airtel 2gb for 1500,the APN is set to the above stated and still not work. Pls need help.

    • Hi Devito,
      This is an attack from the airtel end to stop mobile and PC users from using this blackberry plan. It’s quite simple to fix this ish. Recharge #100 and subscribe for the daily plan, this would activate the former to start working. I hope this helps.

  30. Here is what you said in your comment recently: I get additional bonus
    of 2GB for their #1500 data plan whenever I subscribe with *440*161#
    instead of *440*16# . Though it doesn’t work on all SIMs.
    I currently make use of the airtel N1500 because my sim is always
    credited with 2GB additional data, altogether 4GB for N1500.

    I am little bit confuse here, does this means that i should use
    *440*161# instead of *440*16# or what, because you said that it
    doesn’t work on all SIMs. , so i wonder the type sims it work with?

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  32. Hello Mr Oscar
    i saw the tremendouse services you have rendering here. nice help.
    here is my need of your help, i subscribed this 2GB airtel bundle for the N1500, I used it on pad (android) for about 4 days but has stoped since 3 days ago. i called airtel customer care they said there is nothing they can do that the bundle cannot be use on android and that i should either get BB or subscribe for smartphone plan.
    pls i need ur assistant

  33. 2GB for #1500 is it a BB Plan?
    Because I got this message from Airtel today
    Dear Customer, effective 3rd Dec 2013 AIRTEL BB Plans will cease to function on non BB devices or used as a modem . Thank you

  34. Hi Oskie,
    I’m surprised U’re taking out d pain to reply to each person. U re about d 1st person I have known doing this & I must admit that I am impressed. πŸ™‚

  35. pls Oscar I concur with Monica. is there anything that would be written on airtel sum that will make me to know whether it will give me the additional 2gb.thanks.

  36. dude, help me out here, i keep loading airtime on mtn and it keeps missing, i wonder how come, its not that i subscribe for any data plan or whatever…how do i stop it…its realy pissing me off!

  37. U r gud man, is it posible to crack dat Tecno P3 Etisalat customised android phone so dat sim 1 cud browse wd sim oda dan etisalat?

  38. tanks man, i have subscribed for airtel 2gb bb plan n i read the instructions u wrote on your site on how to use modem. it is working.

  39. hi oscar, my samsung android uses a lot of data and i was made 2 understand earlier by u that some applicaions are runnin in background. aw can i cancel dis applications plz. kindly inbox me in my e-mail. thanks pal !

  40. Hi! Is airtel 1.5gb bb subscription working on windows phone? And on mtn 3gb is it true that the extra 1.5gb works during d day? Tanx

  41. Dis is really cool.. *bookmarked*… But I tried the 2G airtel bundle and I got a reply that I wasn’t eligible for this offer’ I want to know if it’s still working or if it’s jst my sim..

  42. Compliment of d season bro…wanna subscribe 4d airtel 1500 – 2gb, but am very much interested in d xtra 2gb additional stuff. Jus wanna knw which kinda airtel sim will allow such advantage…

  43. Sorry if my post appears repeatedly, I really don’t see any confirmation that it’s been posted.
    Is ur airtel number (line) 1 of the old ones? Cos I tinkin the *440*161# will nt work for these new numbers (lines)

  44. Hapi new bro, u too much,Godbless u,I wish I cld b a benefactor 2 d additional 2gig lk ur sim,all d same I wish airtel continues dis their pay 4 2months n get 1month free,its cool,pls reach me on 08130411204 watsapp etc so we talk better,keep up d good work

  45. Pls the airtel 1500 for 2gbs, is it 24 hrs per day or night plan. Is it still working? Secondly, people now talk about MTN new plan that offer for N2500 4.5gbs (1.5gb for day 3gb for night). Is it true and what is the code? Thanks a lot for ur nice job here.

    • Hi Innocent,
      The Airtel 2GB plan works all day round, and confirming the MTN 4.5 GB plan as you said, can be subscribed for by sending “102” in an SMS to “131”. I hope this helps.

  46. Steve, nice work you are doing up here. I subscribed to AIRTEL BIS with my android phone using *440*16# I was given the 2G, but I can’t browse with it. what is the current settings that is browsing now, pls

  47. Mr Oscar. You are doing a great Job may God Bless you.

    Pls i need to know if airtel 2gb still working i wonted to supscribe for it but am nursing fear not to wasted my Money.

  48. mehn u realy a pacemaker, i’ve bin looking for someone lik u. pls i need a honest blogger to hold my gands n show me d way pls. l’ll really b grareful if u make it a bit confidencial. i.e a reply via email thanks.

  49. I wanted to ask, is the Etisalat night and weekend plan unlimited or does it have a data cap? Or does it operate within fair usage policy?

  50. my bro; permit to say u are gud. I changed two airtel sims thinkin dat they were fake after subscribbin bb data bundle which didnt seem to work on my android. But wen i went thru ur comment; i found d one dat suits my purpose. Jst tried d apn settings and it worked. Tnks a lot and keep up d gud wrk

  51. Hi Oscar, the NIGHT Data Bundle or plan for AIRTEL doesn’t stipulate when it BEGINS and when it ENDS in de Night ? Pls cld u kindly tell me the Exact Hours they are talkn abt ?? Thnx & Rgds !

  52. Hello Oscar, I was told that the mtn bb plan works on android fones, using the APN. I tried it but it didn’t work. Please let me know if the mtn bb sub works on android for real. ThaNx

  53. Mr. Frank, u ar a great talent to this generation. Well done for the great work u have been doing. But i have a little prob which i know u can solve and make me smile. I cant browse with my glo line on Samsung Galaxy Core. What do i do?

  54. Mr frank,you have solved a million problem for me in a tinkle of an eye, thank u very much and God bless u. pls can I add u up on facebook?

  55. i sent bbud to 440 n a confirmation sms was sent but it would not connect till now though i have bn subscribing for 200naira but i heard it has bn stopped so tried dat of 100 naira

  56. pls help me out yesterday i sent bbud to 440 n was giving 80 mb but cud not browse wit it. before now i had bn using *440*018# for 200 n it worked for me.

  57. This is very informative. Frank, You have really done a good job. Keep it up sir.
    Hope the 2g for N1500 airtel is still operative?

  58. I hv tried using this airtel Bis code on my airtel sim but is not working out on my universal modem to start browsing . Any more tricks to get it to work. And at what junction should i use the APN settings

  59. Please could you also put up information about the business packages for the internet providers in particular Etisalat as I could not get onto their Nigerian website to get any info.
    It is easier to use your layout to compare the different plans from the different companies.

  60. guy ur good, ur principle trips me.(no cheat no fraud) i loaded a 100 for daily plan and it activated my 2gb that stoped working. now is working, tnx again

  61. I subscribed for the #1500 2gb bundle using *440*161*#, and it reported that I hv subscribed for blackberry. Is it normal and how do I check the balance. Thanks

  62. Hi Oscar! I loaded 1500 naira and dialled *440*16# as you directed only to check balance to see just 25.76mb. What do u think could be wrong? Anticipating your answer pls.

  63. Weldone Oscar. U’re doing a great deal, meetn the needs of thousands of Nigerians. Some drop comments and others get the help and passby. But must confess u’ve done alot. God bless u.

  64. Hlo mr oscar, dose the 2gb @ 1500 still works, i subscribe and even though it connect, but it keeps on booting and bootin and not opening any website for me , am using a HUAWEI wireless broadband . will be glad if u can help on that

    • Hi Kenneth,
      It isn’t possible to deactivate your BIS if you are on MTN. You simply have to wait till the expected duration period is elapsed. I know you this feels, but you really can’t help it if you are on MTN.

  65. thanks a lot, i was really looking for this info but i hope its up to date. However, i’m not pleased with the prices, i think they are on d high side. Nothing on starcomms, would’ve love to see their data plans. Will bookmark for future reference.

  66. hello osca, pls i want to knw if the airtel 1.5gb is still working. I just got my samsung galaxy s4. I’m thinking of using airtel on it that’s why i want to know if the code is stil working. Thanks

  67. kindly help. I subscribed for air tel BSM plan on my android for 1200, it finished and stop working after 10 days. during the period I could not check my balance with *141*712*0# which I use to check it before Again, I paid 1400 for BCM and text to 440 five days stopped now. airtel sent msg that my bcm plan is live with 1g. I wonder how it could finished within five days including the bsm plan that normally last me a whole month with 1g before. pls which cheap 1g of any network that can work on android and PC? can mtn bis plan be used? thanks

  68. Thank Mr Oscar to my question yest.pls I need answer to the following questions badly:
    1. I try to download droidwall but could not. how do I do it?
    2. do you actually think it is my tecno android that is responsible for the way my data finished so quick or air tel playing prank because I have being using it with BSM at 1200 and my mb may still remain few at the end of one month duration?
    3. is airtel still allow BSM 1g on android and pc, if so what is code to load it and code to check balance? ( coz I use *141*712*0# wen I subscribed but said I don’t have active data plan)
    4. is 2g at 1500 still working on android and pc, if so what is code to load it and to check balance?
    5. Sir which network and plan are u using?
    Thanks. eagerly looking forward to your reply

    • Hi Bimbo,
      I’ll answer your questions in the order you asked.
      1. You can download Droidwall VPN from the Play Store. Simply search for Droidwall on your Playstore app which you’ll find in your android device, then download from there.
      2. I really can’t tell, but you’ll know better due to recent activities you’ve done on your phone. Have you been streaming videos lately? Did you install any app that makes use of the internet before you experienced the issue?
      3. It still works for some people. To activate it send ‘BSM’ without quotes to 440. BTW, the same code checks the balance. Click here to learn how to check Airtel data balance.
      4. It still works, but one of my friends complained that he was given 1.5GB when he subscribed today.
      5. I currently make use of MTN Night plan for N2,500 (4.5GB) and Spectranet for my pc. Check a list of Spectranet plans and prices here.
      Hope this helps.

    • Hi Jummai,
      I wouldn’t advise you go for the airtel 2GB.Lots of people have been complaining lately about it’s exhaustion rate. Anyway, you might want to try at your own risk.

  69. Gud mornin Oscar,I subscribed to Airtel Lite for N1000 to be use on my Samsung Tablet but instead of charging from the data,my account is been charge. I called Airtel Customer Care and complained about the issue they kept on saying that my line is been working on. Is been 5 days today.

    • Hi Chris,
      Hope you configured your tablet properly with the right APN ( Moreover, you can check your Airtel data balance by dialing *123*10# to confirm if it’s been deducted or not.

  70. Hi Oscar,I have been subscribing for d 1500 2gb. Airtell plan and for the last 3 times it has given me 1.5 gb but most annoying is the exhaustion rate which is very fast.I want to inquire about the wisdom in activating the all nite 2500 3gb plan and what hours it becomes active as well as the activation code.thanks

    • Hi Voke,
      Someone also sent me a similar complain on facebook, I hope they ain’t intentionally playing pranks on their subscribers. BTW, the MTN night starts from 9pm and ends at 6am.

      • Voke is absolutely right. The 1500 plan used to last me for at least 3wks, but in the last month I’ve done 3 subscriptions. I called customer care and was told its now 1.5gb and there’s nothing they can do abt the quick data exhaustion. Frustrating!

  71. hi Oscar great work frm u keep it up…I jst bought ‘htc one s’ android mobile, I want to knw if d airtel 2G for 1500 still work on it

    • Hi Natkroose,
      Incidentally, that’s the same mobile I make use of and the plan works for it. Though people have been complaining that in recent times they couldn’t get to subscribe for the plan.

  72. Hello Oscar…you seem to be a great guy here and much love for that..
    Pls I’ve been using the airtel 2GB(#1500) plan for a while now and working perfectly but recently i subscribe for it and when i checked it, it appeared that i have no active data bundle, i also did it fir my friend but thesame thing, it’s obviously seem that tye 2GB plan dosent work again……so pls Oscar what other airtel subscription can u recommend for me?

    • Hi Atere,
      I guess something went wrong with yours,and it would be wise to contact their customer service because it still works over here. BTW, thanks for the compliments, I’m humbled. πŸ™‚

  73. Oscar u re simply d best. Pls i dnt undrstnd d way airtel people re deductng my mb dis days..pls i need a cheaper data plan. Thnx

  74. pls boss which plans i feel use for aitel on my pc. my privious one is nt working anymore (1500 2gb) pls help me out

  75. I appreciate ur help to us all, i neva knew anytin concernin airtel 2gb bt tank u am informed. I want to knw if dis plan wil work on window 8 phone and how fast can it expire

  76. Good day and thanks for the page, i have a few bothers right now:
    i was using a blackberry fone with MTN as service provider. Now the phone had problems and i got (gift) a Tecno Q!.
    1. I dont really understand the android idea; i thought i could just put my SIM into it and go ahead using my phone, but i hear i need to change to a data plan. Cant really say i understand the data plan system?
    2. If i download a BBM on the tecno android, can i still maintain my old PIN? If i do, does that render the BB phone useless as per BBM?
    Thanks for your time

  77. Kudos Oscar. i tried buying d 1.2G bundle 4 #1050 but it kept going error & dis d code i used *440*017# pls can u help me out with d right code? thanks

  78. Oscar good morning. Thanks for helping the people. You will never loose your reward. Please assist me. I have Tecno MIni Pad andI need the Airtel 1.5GB for N2,500 for 30days. Can you assist by giving the code to us.
    Thank you.

  79. Hi Oscar, doing a grat job here. I use the artel 2GB stuff 4 my BB and is perfectly ok but tried it on my laptop and it didn’t work but I think I have to do the 1oo mb stuff and set my APN to see how it goes. Need u as a friend in Facebook. Thanks bro.

  80. Hey bro long time! I can c dat u r still holding up well, fnk God 4u. I stopped using d airtel N1500 subscription 4some time n wish 2do it again, so is it still working? I jus dnt wanna ve issues cos frm ur replies 2pple m sensing some lil problems. Jus lemme knw wats up. Fnx 4d gud job

  81. Very generous of you to provide this info in a clean and organised fashion. But, you got it wrong in the 150mb daily for MTN, its 105 to 131,not 104 to 131. Thanks.

  82. oscar am impress with u for sharing ur knowledge with us. Tanks so much. hope u will continue as usual. I have already introduced ur sight to my collegues whom are soldiers too.

  83. Hi oscar i bought sony xpera z1 2days ago i just put my mtn sim card on it,i would like u to tell me or advise me wat to do about the subscription just tell me the best tin to do the best network to use cause am tired of buying mb thanks hope u reply soon.

  84. pls i make use of samson galaxy N7000,wen i buy 50mb if i am havin 1000 recharge card in my set b4 i no it d money is of pls help me out.Air netwrk

  85. This is just an update for those using Airtel blackberry subscription for their Andriod phones, when you subscribe using *141*16# which gives you 2gb of data, be aware its just 1gb to ascertain this download My Data Manager from Google Play store. you will notice that when you use *123*9# to check your remaining balance, then check your data consumption in the My Data manager app you will notice the disparity. Nice page Oscar keep up the good work. Information is power…..

  86. Also while reading through the page i noticed someone asked for hourly plan on other network, well for Etisalat you can use 229*5*7#. To browse unlimitedly for 5mins for 15naira. which if you do the maths that is #180 for 1 hour…..

  87. Frank pls i don’t kno what i wil do wit mah airtel modem that was unable to connect since i’ve subscribed for 2GB. N i’ve try several location but d pblm stil persist,why?.

  88. Hello Oscar, You got a well articulated job here – welldone. I want to know what’s on board now. Which network has the cheapest data plan for one month within #2000.

  89. Nice blog dear. Love that you reply your guests. People just keep repeating questions you’ve already answered in previous questions. Dnt know if they r too lazy to read thru.
    I did read all comments and answers but nothing much on the etisalat night and weekend capping. I want to find out what the limit is per day before I go subscribe.
    Thanks anticipatin your reply.

  90. Mr Oscar, could u plz suggest for me d network wit d best data bundle; in terms of speed n economy.i hv loosed so much for data wit disapointmentin terms of speed, pls help me out

  91. Are you being paid for all this excellent job that u’ve been doing,If you not you just spit it out let me see if i can get any help for you… a ”sponsorer” and i think may be people like you will be usefull in my company. Send me a feed back as soon as you get this message. Do have a nice day frank

    • Hi Jesse,
      It would be great having you as part of this blog’s sponsors. πŸ™‚ You could hit up our contact page so we could discuss at length via mail. BTW, thanks for finding time to leave your lovely comment.

  92. Hi Oscar, etisat night internet browsing is from wat time and the weekend is from when to when (N4,000)? Airtel night internet browsing is from wat time and ends when?

  93. Guy I subscribed 4 Airtel BIS 4 N1500 but I can only do bbm whatsapp and opera mini no thing work 4 my phone I can’t download picture from my whatsapp. I have called them tire and they couldn’t do anything pls hw can I solve the problem. The code I used is *440*161#. Tx

  94. Hi. The airtel offer for 2500-3gb, is it for real? Can I use that on my tecno Android phone? I save dis page already. Its really helpful.

  95. I am currently having problem to load Etisalat data of 1.5Gb using the *229*2*4# code. I am having more than 4,000NGN IN MY Account. Please assist

  96. mehn,i love ur work bro,though it has not been funny to me,ive been suferring the same issue of browsing with my m.t.n..i just love the new work mtn ar doing,especially when it comes to nyt browsing whch is 2,500,its cool ifbu ask me though

  97. Am excited for your helping hands you have extended to colleagues. Please I want to confirm whether MTN has unlimited data subscription now. Thanks do enjoy your day brother.


    • Hi Joy,
      To check your data balance, dial *123*9#. The plan is monthly based. If you exhaust the 1.5GB before expiration time, you’ll be cut off, but if you let it unfinished till expiration date, you loose the data left. That’s just it. Feel free to ask me more if need for clarifications.

  99. hi oscar. can i download airtel care on my samsung tab 10.1, to recharge without bringing out my sim each time i want to recharge?

  100. Franko! You do well! Weldone dude!
    We need to talk…email me ur pin abeg…I’v got a “Mark
    Zuckerberg” idea we could share together. I’m also an IT person and u culd view my LinkedIn Profile when you
    send me your pin. Pls don’t make me beg for it bro. Thanks

  101. Franko! You do well! Weldone dude!
    We need to talk…email me ur pin abeg…I’v got a “Mark
    Zuckerberg” idea we could share together. I’m also an IT person and u culd view my LinkedIn Profile when you
    send me your pin. Pls don’t make me beg for it bro. Thanksss

  102. Hello, i subscribe airtel #300 for 250mg but i noticed that it’s only working on opera but can’t browse with either moxilla or any other brower,pls, i wish to know if it’s my android phone needs configuration or that plan is mainly for opera. Which data plan wont restrict me on any browser, thanks.

  103. Whao,weldone for good job being done, i subscribe airtel #300 for 250mg but i noticed that it’s only working on opera but can’t browse with either moxilla or any other brower,pls, i wish to know if it’s my android phone needs configuration or that plan is mainly for opera. Which data plan wont restrict me on any browser, thanks.

  104. hello frank,I must commend u for a job well-done.
    pls I’d like you to advice me .which plant is cheaper BTW the 2gb for 2k android data plan and the bbum 2gb for 1.5k also for android phone.thanks for ur anticipated response

  105. Mobile internet is something, Mtn is seem ok but they still need to up their game, frustrating downloading videos and MP3 most times

  106. cheap mtn data.
    1GB for #1400
    valid for one month.
    works on all phones and modems,10 edition blackberry phones.
    don’t work on old BlackBerry phones.

    if your interested please call me… 08033262562.

  107. MTN has the widest network coverage in Nigeria, but their
    services are really cost compared to other services, especially in their data plan( N100 10MB)
    please i want improvement on
    that issue so that people can
    migrate to MTN

  108. Dear. I want to OPT OUT from MTN #100 which is 10mb auto renewal.
    Am tired of using it. How do I unsubscribe it? Which should I use?

  109. Happy Weekend to you all…!

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  110. please i want to know if airtell #1500 for 2gb is still at work now , and also if it will work on my samsung galaxy s4

  111. We don’t blow our trumpet, because we are not new in data business.

    We sincerely believe one or two people here must have bought from us and compared the difference.

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  112. We sell data bundle at a
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    ETISALAT. No need for you to
    pay any ridiculous amount to
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    month free. 500Mb=450
    1GB=750 2GB=100 3GB=1500
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  113. A little update –
    You forgot MTN and Airtel night plans and MTN hourly bundles no longer work.
    Otherwise great article presented in a way anyone can understand


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