I’ve made series of posts on how to customize your MobilePress Plugin in order to add more functions to suit your mobile traffic. Some of such posts are:

Here is a Mobilepress Theme I decided to develop as a result of Mails i’ve been recieving from fellow bloggers about how I customized to Mobilepress to a unique style. I call this Mobilepress Theme design Oscar RedPress Theme

Features of Oscar RedPress Theme

  1. Post Featured Images (thumbnails) and Excerpt : The Oscar RedPress Theme contains a featured image thumbnail for excerpts and a Read More link to post from your INDEX and ARCHIVE pages
  2. Breadcrumbs: There is a Navigation locator at the header of this theme. It displays your current location on the site.
  3. Comment on Post Page: The Native Mobilepress plugin doesn’t display comments on the post Page, but now you can Add and View comments on the post page.
  4. Facebook Fanbox: Your Facebook fanbox can now be displayed on your Mobile Version. It would help in building your Fanbase. To add your fanbox, Open your file manage from Cpanel, open the root of your blog Directory >wp-content > plugins > mobilepress > system > themes > default > footer.php , edit the footer.php file, search for

    <iframe scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="false" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:182px; height:200px;" src="http://www.facebook.com/plugins/likebox.php?id=157159341054693&amp;width=198&amp;connections=12&amp;stream=false&amp;header=false&amp;height=200"></iframe>

    and replace with your own facebook code and save.

  5. Adsense Ready: Your Mobile version is adsense ready for you to monitize your mobile traffic. To add your Adsense for mobile code in header, Navigate in your File Manager to
    wp-content > plugins > mobilepress > system > themes > default > header.php
    search for


    and replace with your Google Mobile Adsense code.
    To add to footer, navigate to
    wp-content > plugins > mobilepress > system > themes > default > header.php
    And also do the same.

  6. Pagination: I added a numbered Pagination to my theme in place of the Next and Prev buttons. To activate it, you need to install and activate WP-PageNavi plugin on your WordPress Blogg. That’s all.
  7. Category List: A dropdown list of all your categories are displayed at the top of the page. this would help reduce your site bounce rate, thereby keeping people to stay longer on your site.
  8. ShareButtons: I added a Facebook and Twitter ShareButton to this scrip in posts.
  9. FeedBurner Subscription: Do you need more subscribers and readers on your blog, this would be of great help to you. A feedburner subscribers form is added to this theme below post. To activate your feedburner address, navigate to
    wp-content > plugins > mobilepress > system > themes > default > single.php
    Edit it, and search for oscarmini  (it appears in two places), replace with your feedburner id.

Note: Remember to upload a logo in your blogs root directory as waplogo.png
You can edit the header links from the header.php file.

Since you’ve seen the features of this theme, you can download the Oscar RedPress Theme Here or MOBILEPRESS With Oscar Redpress Theme.


How to Activate theme on your WordPress blog

1. Download MOBILEPRESS With Oscar Redpress Theme, if you have a Mobile press plugin in your blog, uninstall it and then install this Downloaded Plugin.


2. Simply download the Theme HERE, then Navigate using File Manager in you Cpanel to your blog directory

wp-content > plugins > mobilepress > system 

You would see two folders Default and iPhone. Delete the Default folder, upload the new Theme there, then extract its content to that Directory.

Check out the DEMO at OscarMini.com on your mobile phone.

That’s it.. Your Mobile Version is up and running with a much more wonderful look.  You can say thank you by not deleting the Footer Credit Link. Deleting it can cause errors. Hit the Like button to share with friends

Update (24th July 2013): The New Version – Redpress 2.0 is Now Available. Click Here To Check Get It.


  1. My blog use mobilepress to, in new version we can set featured image to display or not. When you choose to display, this featured image will be in index (tag, cat, archive, and search) and article (single.php)

  2. Dear Frank, I love this your particular theme. I mean PC theme.. Can you help get it? I am a member of bloggers lab.. Username Nehemiah Chinonso.

  3. “Comment are closed” in WordPress, and am using ur redpress theme, bt the deafult Hello Topic comment box show, bt if i cr8 a New topic, it wil nt show the Comment BOx.

    what is d solution??


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