There are times when you get lots of comments on a particular post and you feel they are irrelavant, though not spam, but you wish to disable comments on that specific post, then this article is for you.

Disabling comments for a specific article is an easy task can be accomplished by anyone running a wordpress blog simply following the outlined procedures below

How To Turn Off Comments On A Specific Article In WordPress

1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard

2.  On the Left sidebar, click on Post > All Post and then select the article you wish to disable comments by clicking on the Edit link next to the post.

3. Navigate to the right of the page that loads, you’ll see Screen Options, click on it and tick the Discussion checkbox and now click on Screen Options again. It should look like this

A new pane would be added in the Edit Page of your post with Discussion as Title.

4. If you wish to disable comments, simply Un-Tick the Allow comments checkbox and save the post by clicking in Update.

It is quite easy to disable comments on a single post.I hope this short but handy wordpress tutorial helps.


  1. Yeah nice on… But I think this one is more easy, Login to your dashboard>All post>On the particular post click quick edit>Tick/Untick the comments, trackback/ping box. And save.


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