The eThekwini Municipality in South Africa is the second-biggest economy after Johannesburg and is home to 3.5 million individuals.

In this flourishing city, information cost is the main consideration influencing the expansion of Internet access among most inhabitants. The eThekwini government has seen this and perceived that free open Wi-Fi would carry numerous advantages to its inhabitants. 

The eThekwini (Durban Metropolis) government is making arrangements for a  three-year pilot public Wi-Fi development intended to give affordable and efficient Internet to the general population, engaging more residents to appreciate the magnificence of the advanced world.

eThekwini championing  Smart City status cause  with free Public Wifi

As indicated by the arrangement, in the following three years, roughly 450 public Wi-Fi areas of interest will be accessible in eThekwini, covering 96 public libraries and the milestone Moses Mabhida Stadium, just as the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry and other business ventures including aquariums, seafronts, and the uShaka Marine World. 

Projected Socio-economic prospects

“The public Wi-Fi arrangement is significant in light of the fact that it helps address the imbalance issue brought about by high information costs.

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As a significant piece of our keen city technique, we’d prefer to see more individuals appreciating free and great Wi-Fi and data administrations brought by the computerized world,” said Immanuel Pillay, the city government IP Senior Manager.

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“For instance, with free Wi-Fi, an ever-increasing number of youngsters can get to the Internet and go after positions on the web.

This will altogether raise business, and lift our financial turn of events and social dependability.”  “Public Wi-Fi will likewise permit more individuals to get to instructive assets that were distant to them, which is helpful for the advancement of schooling,” Immanuel Pillay added.

This move should be embraced by Africa

It is no secret that Africa is the most underprivileged continent in terms of Internet penetration service delivery and connectivity, with the cost of data often a barrier to many people in places where internet infrastructure and connectivity are obtainable.

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The move by the eThekwini government is an eye-opener for other governed ts in Africa to take initiative to  ensure affordable internet connectivity and presence in their environs so they can enhance productivity and be on course to drive revenue by leveraging on the global digitization and the opportunities that abound from internet-powered transactions and businesses.


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