Controlling your Android Smartphone is one fantastic thing to do. In this article, I’ll show you step by step guidelines on how to use EVA facial mouse to control your Android smartphoneYes; I said your face! This can be done via the Eva Facial Mouse!

With Eva Facial Mouse, you get to take total control of your Android phone. If you are very good with pyramids, you’d love this as it lets you take full control of your mobile phone by just moving your head.

It is a free and open source application that grants you access to how a mobile phone functions by monitoring the user’s face captured via the frontal camera. Based on any movement of the face, this app lets the user control a pointer on the screen which gives access to several elements of the UI.

Amputees, cerebral palsy patients, spinal cord injury victims and people with any other disabilities can benefit from this app. To be aware of all there is know about the app, read our Eva Facial Mouse: Control Your Phone With Your Face:

Limitations Of EVA Facial Mouse

1. Some more advanced keyboards do not work with EVA, so ensure your keyboard is a basic one. Such a keyboard has to be manually activated after you download the app.
2. This app does not function with most of the games out there.
3. Google Chrome is the browser to use as most browsers do not work correctly with it.
4. Applications like Maps, Earth, and Gallery do not function without limitations.
5. It cannot be used alongside other applications that make use of a camera at the same time.
6. For evident reasons, Eva Facial Mouse has not been tested with every device available on the market, if there is an issue with your device, notify the developers.

How To Use Eva Facial Mouse To Control Your Android Device

First and foremost, head to the Google Play Store and download Eva Facial Mouse. It’ll take just 20MB of your internal memory. After installing, Open the app and grant it all the permission it requires then switch on accessibility. After all, that, select a keyboard and use polarity Horizontal 10 vertical 12. The next set of steps are things you can handle; when you are through, you can begin to control your smartphone with your face.

Something to note though, not all smartphones are supported for this app so you have to be sure yours is not one of them. Some of the smartphones not supported are Asus, BQ, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Xiaomi, ZOPO, Lenovo. If you encounter any bug or troubles while using the app, ensure you report it to the developers so it can be corrected.

EVA was developed in collaboration with experts and users from organizations of ASPACE Confederation (Spain).

I trust that after reading this article, you might have fully understood how to use EVA facial mouse to control your Android smartphone. If you have other questions, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.


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