Social media giant, Facebook has successfully launched a new application called Hotline.

The application is supposed to allow creators creators to interact and take live questions from their audience.

Facebook launches Question and Answer Application For Creatives

The application which Facebook said was aimed at experienced experts who could share tips from different fields like finance or health, would also avail the hosts the convenience of getting a copy of the event after the event is completed. Stating further that the team is exploring new ideas for the application.

The web-based application could be described as a mashup of Instagram Live and Clubhouse.

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The team is being led by Erric Hazzard, who joined Facebook when they acquired his application, a positivity-focused Q&A app that grew to 2.5 million daily active users in nine weeks and saw over 1 billion poll answers before exiting. With Hotline, Hazzard is once again developing a product in the Q&A space.

The app is reported to have a listeners section which is divided up between those who are just watching the event, as represented by their profile icons, and those who are asking questions.

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At the top of this section, you’re presented with the lists of questions that users have asked, which others can upvote or downvote accordingly.

The creator can then look to this section to find out which questions to answer next and can pull listeners onto the stage area with them for a conversation.

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This Question and answer product combines audio with text and video elements and comes as social media platforms experiment with a rush of new live audio features.

Twitter Inc has been testing its audio feature Spaces and Facebook is also dabbling with a live audio room offering within its Messenger Rooms.


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