Google Adsense, though a cool programme to make money blogging can also be as frustrating as your 8 to 5 offline jobs if applied to the wrong niche, especially for the Newbies in the blogosphere.

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The secret to earning a living online using Google Adsense depends on two factors viz:

  1. Your Niche
  2. Traffic

Choosing the wrong Niche can even discourage you and then you’ll put off blogging. In this article, i’ll try as much as possible to explain the Niches that are worth giving a try with Google Adsense and those which you shouldn’t venture into if you are starting blogging recently. There are Niches that pay higher than others and vice versa.

Niches To Try Google Adsense With

There are Blogging Niches that would give you a whole lot of earnings per click, meaning you get a high CPC and are worth venturing into. I’ve once written an article on high paying keywords, but let me give a recap of the niches involved here.

  • Insurance: Though very competitive, it’s got the highest CPC offers.
  • Health: There are a lots of advertisers here, and keywords such as Medial Treatment, Health, Fitness & Weight Loss, Cancer diagnose and Treatments can pay a great deal.
  • Internet and Computers: Another cool tech micro niche to venture into. Keywords such as Computer Hardware, Computer Software , Internet and PC, Computer Repairs are great.
  • Other high paying Niches include, Banking and Finance, Digital Photography, Security,¬†Psychotherapy.

All this Niches mentioned above have a great CPC offer and you earn real income here, but they are quite competitive, the more your traffic, the more your earnings.

Niches To Avoid

There are also Niches you do not need to venture into if you do not have a high level of traffic and CTR because their CPC offers are really low. I’ll list them out below.

  • Entertainment.
  • Sports, Training and Coaching.
  • Music, Dance and Poetry.

One thing about these niches to avoid listed above is, they are highly competitive but then with very low CPC offers. So you can see why they are not worth going with.

Now Your Turn

It’s now up to you to choose the best high paying Niche that suites in to your category. Remember, the higher your Traffic, the more your CTR. Now with a high CTR and CPC, you will in no time smile to the bank with your Adsense cheques.

I hope this article helps.


  1. I choose internet and computer for my niche, but it pays so low in my country (indonesia) $0.01/click, you can imagine how desperate I am. Still dunno what to do, thank for your post anyway…

    • Hi Dean,
      Why not try promoting your articles to gain more exposure to people outside your country, say the US, UK, Australia and Canada, it would definitely help grow your blog and Adsense CPC.
      I hope this helps.

  2. This means you don’t have to pick any niche and start writing your stuff? wow Blogging is not just writing on your blog. Thanks for this information.

  3. I think all the niches you mentioned in the article offer high cost per click(CPC), but at the end of the day, it all boils down to one factor: Traffic. You need traffic to monetize, if not you earn nothing. Brilliant piece of advice!


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