Android 10 has been unleashed — for Pixel phones, at least. And we always advise you to update to the most recent and best version of an OS to take advantage of benefits like security patches, bug fixes and so on. However, this does not mean the experience you will expect in your new OS will be all rosy. If you are currently facing any serious problems with Android 10, or you just prefer to return to Android 9, it is actually possible to downgrade your phone. Even if it will be better for you to wait for fixes or back up your info and factory-resetting to confirm if that ends the issue, the downgrade option is still available if that is what you truly prefer.  In this article, you will learn how to downgrade your phone from Android 10 to Android 9.

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In this tutorial, we will highlight the process of downgrading your Pixel device from Android 10 to Android 9. The steps involved here will not be the same for other Android phones though, so don’t mix things up. So let’s jump right into it and explain How To Downgrade Your Phone From Android 10 To Android 9:

How Do I Downgrade My Phone From Android 10 To Android 9

How To Downgrade Your Phone To Android 9 Pie

  1. Get the Android SDK Platform-Tools package downloaded and installed.
  2.  Get Google’s USB drivers for your device downloaded and installed.
  3. Be certain that your device is completely updated.
  4. Activate “Developer Options” and enable “USB Debugging” and “OEM Unlocking.”
  5. Get a factory image downloaded for your phone for any Android version of your choice. The latest image will be your best option. Do not go near the OTA image.
  6.  Make use of a Command Prompt or Terminal to boot your phone into its fast boot mode, and then have the bootloader unlocked.
  7.  Make use of the factory image’s “flash-all” command to start the downgrade.
  8. Then lock your phone’s bootloader when you are through.

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There you have it – a comprehensive article on how to downgrade your phone from Android 10 to Android 9.


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