Did you mistakenly tap on a show on Amazon Prime Video that you do not really fancy? You viewed anything embarrassing on a shared account and now you are receiving several identical recommendations? The situation can be corrected by clearing your Amazon Prime Video history. And below is how to go about that:

How To Delete Amazon Prime Video History

How Can I Delete Amazon Prime Video History On My Browser?

Like Netflix, Prime Video saves your watch history to enhance recommendations.

Therefore, if a series or film you don’t fancy has been displaying repeatedly, it is time to clear identical entries from your watch history. This is how to make that happen through your browser:

  1. Head to Amazon website and get yourself signed into your Amazon Prime account.
  2.  Access Accounts & Lists in the top right corner of your display, and choose “Your Prime Video.” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Immediately you get to the Prime Video page, in the right corner of your display, tap “Settings.” You will be redirected to an Account and Settings page.
  4. Tap “Watch History,” then “View Watch History.” Every film and series you’ve recently viewed will be visible. Including clips, you have watched on other devices like your mobile device, Fire TV and so on.
  5. To get rid of a series or film from your history, just tap Remove this from watched videos. You can also decide to tick “I prefer not to use this for recommendations,” if you only want accurate recommendations.

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Sadly, it is not possible to get rid of your Amazon Prime Video history at once via your browser. You must be patient enough to remove them one by one.

How Can I Delete Search History On The Amazon Prime Video App?

The Prime Video application has no option that lets you view or clear your watch history. But, it is still possible to get rid of your search history. This is how to make it app on several versions of the Android application:

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  1. Launch the Prime Video application.
  2. Click “Menu,” in the top left corner, then “Settings.”
  3. Click “Clear Video Search History.”

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There you have it a comprehensive tutorial on how to delete Amazon Prime. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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