iPod touch applications can be deleted if you are tired of them. It could be that downloading it was unintentional in the first place or you just do not fancy it anymore. Not to worry, getting rid of it is straightforward and fast. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to delete apps from iPod Touch.

How To Delete Apps From iPod Touch

There are several ways to uninstall iPod touch applications. Deleting them will be free up space on your device to accommodate other things on your home screen. However, before you get rid of these apps, it is wise to organize your apps into folders if all you just want to declutter your screen.

How Can I Delete Apps From The Home Screen?

The simplest way to get rid of applications on the iPod touch is to get it done straight on the device. The process is identical to how you rearrange apps on the home screen and how you create folders. Just:

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1. Click and hold any application until all your apps start to wiggle.
2. Find the app you need to delete from your iPod touch and click “X” from the upper-left side.
3. Click Delete for confirmation.
4. Repeat this for all the apps you want gone.
5. Press the home button when you are done to make the wiggling stop and return the home screen to how it formerly was. You can also wait for some time for this mode to end.

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This process will delete the app from your iPod touch but not your PC. If you sync your iPod with a PC, it will not remove the app from there, therefore, it can be reinstalled later.

How Can I Delete Apps Using Settings On The iPad Touch?

This method deletes apps via the Settings app. The advantage that comes with using this one is that you can see how much space the apps are occupying, which will make it easy to know the ones that really need to go.

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1. Just launch your Settings app.
2. Head to General > iPod touch Storage.
3. On more ancient iPod touch versions, the storage section is named “Storage & iCloud Usage.” If you choose that option, tap “Manage Storage” on the next page.
4. Click any app from the list to view how much space the app is occupying and how much of that space is the app itself or its documents and data.
5. Choose “Delete App” and then select it once more for confirmation.

How Can I Uninstall iPod Touch Apps With 3rd-Party Programs?

This is a good option when you are using the most recent version of iTunes and do not wish to revert to an older edition to delete applications. These apps come with brilliant features. A very good one is Syncios, a free iPod touch manager that will help you to delete apps.

Simply plug your iPod touch into your PC the same way you do it with iTunes, but launch Syncios instead, and head into its Apps menu to locate the apps you wish to delete.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to delete apps from iPod Touch. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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