Once upon a time on this blog, I used Better WP Security Plugin as my Login Security plugin, but time came when it malfunctioned and I could not gain access to my dashboard even with the right username and password. I quickly thought of what to do, and how to disable the plugin since I could not login to my dashboard to disable it. There was a fix that ran through my mind, and here it is.

How to Disable a WordPress Plugin From cPanel

how to disable wordpress plugin from cpanel

  1. Login to your Webhosting cPanel, click on File Manager.
  2. Locate your plugins folder by clicking on this directory as follows
  3. Now you will see folders of all the plugins you’ve installed on your WordPress Blog, right click on the plugin you wish to disable and click on delete.
  4. The Plugin would be permanently disabled from your WordPress Blog.

And this was how I was able to gain access back to my wordpress blog dashboard after I disabled the Better WP Security Plugin through this method.

Are there other ways to disable wordpress plugin outside this, let us know using the comment.


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