Youtube Vanced is a modded version of the original Youtube app with zero tolerance for ads. It lets users enjoy smooth streaming of youtube videos, with being interrupted with Ads. In this article, I am going to give a tutorial on how to download Youtube Vanced on Android.

How to download Youtube vanced on Android

What Is Youtube Vanced

It is a new modded version of YouTube that does not condone ads at all, Background Playback e.t.c.

Before we proceed, Please NOTE that Youtube Vanced has no relations with the popular Youtube, plus it is not in any way – YouTube Premium

Youtube Vanced Features:

1. It prevents every YouTube ad. (some options are togglable.)
2. Background playback feature
3. Force VP9(or HDR) or inversely.
4. Overrules Max Resolution
5. Pinch to Zoom on every device.
6. Casting togglable which can be forced off.
7. Themes that be switched via one button.
8. Video window new or old style.
9. Repeat video feature.
10. Preferred Resolution & Speed feature
11. Volume and Brightness control

And wait for it, all of these features come the same way in all versions. Luckily, this app is useful for all rooted and non-rooted devices.
How to download Youtube vanced on Android

How It Can Be Downloaded On Rooted Devices

1. First and foremost, get these Files Installers Here.
2. Now proceed to download latest YouTube Vanced APK
3. Use the “Move.” option to take the APK to/sdcard/Downloads.
4. Ensure all YouTube updates are uninstalled and let auto updates be disabled in the Play Store.
5. Flash the installer in TeamWin Recovery Project.

There are other methods that can be used to install Youtube Vanced on a Rooted Device, plus if you are searching for files to install and a better understanding with TeamWin Recovery Project, click Here.

How To Download Youtube Vanced On Non-Rooted Android Devices

Google Play Services will not function on its own until you have installed MicroG for Vanced, to aid your logging in.

1. Download and get MicroG on your PC to log in. Else, the “add.” button won’t be active.
2. Now proceed to download the latest file from Here.

There you have it. With this comprehensive tutorial on how to download youtube vanced on Android, Downloading Youtube Vanced on your Android device would be seamless.


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