Days back, Apple revealed that the next version of iOS is coming, and the company is set to add more fun and fresh features to the OS that will power the iPhone.The fresh version, iOS 13, will add new stuff such as — aiding you to be able to log into sites via Face ID and a beautiful Dark Mode. When iOS 13 gets released, you should definitely expect dope features. But if you do not wish to wait for its release, permit me to tell you, you really do not need to. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to install the iOS 13 beta.

As always, Apple rolled out a beta version of iOS 13 to developers, for them to test and update their applications. The secret is: If you are ready to pay to be a part of Apple’s developer program, the iOS 13 can be downloaded right now.

how to install the iOS 13 beta

However, it is vital to not forget that developer betas, like the present one for iOS 13, have a reason for being closed. The software is far from stable. It can make your smartphone crash. Your applications and data can even get deleted.

Even if I am unsure whether iOS 13 embodies stability than previous developer betas, the level of changes in iOS 13 makes me feel this is surely a year to wait, till the public beta in July.

How Can I Get iOS 13 Today?

With the warnings done, if you still like to continue, you need to be a part of the Apple Developer Program to download iOS 13. You will require what is below to do this:

  1. An iOS13-compatible device — This is an iPhone 6S or a newer device. The most recent iPod Touch, all iPad Pros, iPad gen 5 or 6, iPad Air gen 2 or 3, or iPad Mini gen 4.
  2. A Mac PC that runs the most recent version of macOS (Mojave).
  3. A Lightning-to-USB cable. (Alternatively, USB-C, it depends on the kind of Mac you own.)
  4. iTunes, updated to the most recent version.
  5. An Apple Developer License.

Head to the Developer Program site and tap “Enroll.” Signing up for the developer program will cost you nothing for fresh developers — If you are viewing this article, that should be you. You will have to log into your Apple ID with 2-factor authentication (If you are yet to set it up, Apple can direct you here. You will then have to sign some developer contracts. Even if this might not be necessary for you if you just intend to explore the application, I will advise you to still read all of them. Finally, being a part of the program will cost you $99 i.e 30339.54 nairas every year, so have your credit card close.


As soon as you become a part of the program, log in to your developer account on your Mac and head to Apple Developer downloads to download the iOS 13 beta.

To install the beta on your iOS devices like an iPhone or iPad, you will have to manually “restore” your device with the beta on your PC and have it installed from a restore image. Link your device to your Mac, access iTunes, and head to device summary page.

Before beginning, I will advise you to back up your device and create an archive of the backup, to help with the reinstallation of your device as it was before.

When the backing up is complete, you are set. On the device summary page in iTunes, ensure the option key is pressed and held, then choose “Check for updates.” Choose the iOS 13 beta file you downloaded before and tap “Open.” The device will then restart as the installation is happening.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to install the iOS 13 beta now. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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