Apple included the flashlight brightness adjustment option with the iOS 10 update 3 years ago, so definitely it will function on iPhones running iOS 10 or higher. And because we are presently on iOS 12, that will be almost everyone. Flashlights are important when power is gone. And if you are observant, you will know that there are ways to make adjustments to the brightness on your iPhone‘s built-in flashlight. To help you learn how that can be done, below is How To Make Adjustments To The Brightness Of Your iPhone Flashlight

How To Access The Brightness Setting

To get to the brightness setting, you must use the flashlight tile in the Control Center. The Control Center can be accessed by scrolling up from the application screen. To explore the brightness, you need to press hard on the tile, and not just click it. This is possible because of “3D touch,” which is a touch sensitivity feature that will detect how hard you’re pressing on the display and allow added nuanced actions.

This appears straightforward, but to be honest, there will be times when it will get the job done only when it chooses to. Using your left thumb will make things simpler. A different finger pressing the tile will only enable and disable the light regardless of how hard you are pressing.

How To Adjust The Brightness?

When you get into the brightness menu, a pill shape broken down into 5 sections will be visible. The bottom section is the off section. Every section possesses a unique level of brightness.

To increase or decrease how bright your flashlight is, click a different section of the pill shape, with the top section representing the brightest and every section heading downwards towards “Off” being dimmer. Your finger can be swiped over the pill shape to alter the brightness. Scroll up-and-down continuously to make your flashlight pulse as you please.

Its great news. Now if you ever feel your iPhone flashlight is not bright enough or so bright that it should be reduced, you can make your own changes.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on How To Make Adjustments To The Brightness Of Your iPhone Flashlight. If you have any question, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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