Since the usage of android smartphones began to go on the increase in this part of the world due to cheap android phones pushed into the mobile market, one question I regularly get in forms of mails and comments on this blog is “How To Minimize the data bundle consumption rate of android phones“.

There are a whole bunch of reasons why Android devices tend to consume a lot of data, and as a result incure you more cost for your data charges than any other OS which might range from getting updates automatically over the air (OTA), remember that most free apps you make use of on your android phones run ads as a means of compensation or would I rather say the developers little way of sustaining the freebie project. So this can really help push up your data usage to your detriment.

Enough of those reasons, the reason you are on this page is to put an end to the rate at which your data is been consumed on your android phone, and that’s exactly what I’ll be explaining.

Have you wondered if there is a way to blacklist apps you don’t wish to allow use your data subscription or an app that can help you only white-list your desired apps you want to access your data resources? Well, that’s what DroidWall does.

droidwall to reduce data usage on android phones

This app helps you set up a white-list of apps you wish to allow access your data subscription simply by ticking some check-boxes next to your desired app in the user interface of Droidwall when launched.

After ticking the selected Apps,  click on the App options, Save Rule and then Enable the FireWall.

DroidWall is a simple to use Android App that can help you handle and manage your rate of data consumption on any android device.

Note: You must have to Root Your Android Device before using this App as it requires root access before it can work.

That’s how easy you can minimize your data usage on your android smartphones, devices and tablets. Feel free to contribute to this guide using the comment box, tell us other ways you manage your data subscriptions on your Android Phones.


  1. Hi Oscar,
    That was an awesome post on minimizing data consumption. Yes droid wall is best android app with lot of features. Surely it gonna help to save more batter life in android phones.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Oscar,

    I am pretty sure Driodwall will to a large extent even save the often abysmal battery most of the Android phones suffer from. As a die hard iOS fan, what I simply do is to disable push notifications for the plethora of apps I have…usually, that is what ensures that a gigabyte lasts only a day!


  3. when ever you are browsing OFF background data auto syching and images when u don’t need image.when you want to receive email or gmail you can ON background data synching for few minute so that all email will come at once. it save 80% of your data. try it.

  4. This App is not available in the windows App store..Most apps are not quick in reaching windows and we keep waiting for updates..i switched from android to windows and most of mu favorite apps don’t work on it..


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