Our smartphone does it all these days. Playing and viewing clips, snapping the best pictures or sending emails are normal tasks our device helps us to complete, but making phone calls is still supposed to be the number job of a mobile phone. This leads us to recording phone calls, which is very vital to some phone users. It could be you recording a business call or a just a random conversation with a customer service agent, the fact remains that it is quite important in certain situations. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to use auto call recording on OnePlus 7 Pro

However, sadly, call recording (without enabling the speakerphone and recording through the microphone output) is not possible on several Android phones. Google has even blocked the last popular method that call recording applications used. But there is hope for the future.

The guys at Google might change their minds on call recorders even if things are quite complicated right now. Phone owners usually have no other option but to root their devices or hold on for Google to soften their stance on the matter.

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The truth is, even if they don’t, “Auto Call Recording” on your OnePlus 7 Pro can come to your rescue. Your phone possesses a feature that allows you to record phone calls automatically. No 3rd-party call recording app is required here. And this is how to go about it:

how to use auto call recording on OnePlus 7 Pro

How Can I Use Auto Call Recording On My OnePlus 7 Pro?

As you should know already, you can record individual phone calls straight from the dial screen. However, this is not so comfortable. So, you can go for the option to enable “Auto call recording.”

To record phone calls automatically on your phone, just launch the Phone application and then click on the 3-dot menu button located in the top-right corner of the display to check dialer settings. This is where the “Call recording” option will be visible.

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Also remember that Oxygen OS will even allow you to auto-record favorite contacts, all contacts, or specific contacts. Calls can be recorded automatically on OnePlus 7 Pro from unknown numbers. To get that done, you only need to click on the toggle button close to Unknown number after choosing “Specify number” from under the Auto-recording range sub-menu.

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You can now record phone calls automatically on your phone without getting any help from any 3-party app.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to use auto call recording on OnePlus 7 Pro


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