The fact that the Android operating system and Apple operating system have become very similar in User interface due to the release of Android 9, doesn’t actually give you full Apple user interface skin on Android.

iOS launcher for Android

This article contains the Top 7 Android iOS launcher recommendation for those who desire a full Apple user interface skin on their Android device.

Best 7 iOS launchers for Android 2018

1. Phone X Launcher

The phone X launcher gives you a perfect replica of what Apple iOS users are familiar with on the iPhone X.
The phone X launcher scatters your Android apps on your drawer, with the absence of a home screen, just like on Apple phones. All system icons are themed just like on the Apple iOS.

Phone x launcher

The phone X launcher gives you the ability to use gestures for navigation, just the way it is done on the iPhone X, the phone X launcher also features a notch in it’s build. In addition, the phone X launcher comes packed with the swipe up control panel on Apple iOS.

2. One Launcher

The one launcher offers the Apple iOS user interface experience on Android, including its fluidity. On the one Launcher, apps are scattered on the Apple drawer, just the way it is on Apple iOS, Android apps are grouped into different categories for easier accessibility.

One launcher

The one launcher features full gesture control, for those who desire to use it, it also comes with an unread counter, which will display the number of unread messages on top of each messaging icon.

3. Xos Launcher

The iOS Launcher is one of those Android iOS launchers, that doesn’t give compatibility issues, it supports all lot of Android versions, from old to recent. The Xos features a deeply themed Apple iOS skin, that has it’s Apple spilled in the drawer as soon as you unlock your Android device.

Xos launcher

With the Xos launcher, you are getting a very smooth user interface just like what you are used to on the Apple iOS. The Xos Launcher supports a lot of customizations.

4. Espier Launcher

Still, on the topic of a lag-free user interface, the Espier launcher harbors the smooth-skinned user interface of the Apple iOS.
Android apps are spilled on the app drawer as soon as your Android device is unlocked.

Espire launcher

The Espier launcher themes all your Android system apps with the Apple iOS theme, it combines the old Apple iOS design with the new one.

5. Os 10 Launcher

Like the already listed Android iOS Android launchers, the OS 10 Launcher gives you a total Apple iOS skin. The iOS 10 is heavily themed like the Apple iOS user interface, without sparing fluidity.

Os 10 launcher

All system apps are themed just like the ones on the Apple iOS. Non-system apps are rounded to match the iOS style.
The OS 10 Launcher gives you the ability to adjust vertices and horizontal app counts in the app drawer. The OS 10 Launcher also gives you the ability to adjust icon size to suit your taste.

6. iLauncher for OS 10

The regular features of iOS launchers aren’t different for the iLauncher, it does all the regular stuff like, featuring an app drawer that contains your apps, which are themed to the Apple iOS style.

The iLauncher doesn’t feature a home screen, it features messages unread counter which will appear on all message apps.

i Launcher

The only downside to the iLauncher is that fact that it doesn’t support a lot of customizations like the rest.

7. 6 plus Launcher

The 6 plus Launcher is themed just like the original iPhone 6, this is for those who care a lot about nostalgia.

6 plus Launcher

Icons in the 6 plus Launcher are themed like the ones in the iPhone 6, the 6 plus Launcher doesn’t feature a home screen,  instead you are greeted with an app drawer filled with Apple iOS themed icons, immediately you unlock your Android device.

All iOS Android launchers listed above can be downloaded from the Google play store.

Hope you did love this list of all best iPhone launchers for your Android device. Feel free to share other android launchers you find great as I’d love to hear from you.


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