Samsung no doubt has been one of the leading brands in the world when it comes to smartphone productions. Not only have they produced spectacular devices with mouth watering specifications, they have also brought about an influx of several devices into the industry but one thing people keep pondering over is when this spaghetti-on-the-wall strategy for smartphones would come to a halt.


Did you know that Samsung has produced 52 unique smartphones in 2014 alone? That’s quite huge compared to their other counterparts in the same mobile manufacturing industry such as HTC which has produced 23, Nokia produced 20, Motorola brought 10 to us and Apple on the other hand unveiled just 2 smartphones.

Samsung has finally made it clear that this strategy is now at it’s peak and would be dropped because it’s effect has accounted for about a 60% drop in profit for the organization in the last quarter.

Do you think Samsung will follow after the steps of Apple producing just 2 smartphones that you are choicelessly compelled to use? Please do let me know your thoughts using the comment box.


  1. I think they are trying to beat the competition from other brands with that strategy forgetting that customers are the ones who determines the brand that wins the competition.

    It’s good they are considering dropping that strategy.

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  2. Hi Oscar,

    While any company may intimidate with raw numbers, the customer is always king and ultimately decides. The innovation within Samsung cannot be compared with the revolution at Apple…it just like comparing Toyota with a Benz….one, an everyday brand, the other, premium.

    Unfortunately, if this strategy is dropped,the company will begin to experience serious decline…bad as the strategy is, it’s actually what keep their customers!


    • I think I understand your standpoint Terungwa, but don’t you think there are other choice smartphones out there now? This strategy seems to have reached it’s climax and surely is dropping.
      Anyway, let’s hope things get better with them. Thanks for your time.

  3. Too much of everything is Bad, I for once got tired of samsung rolling out 2 many devices check the specification of these device nothing has changed much except for screen size and and so things rom. I won’t say they should totally drop it but they shuld cut it down by @ least 60% and should kick out or get rid of rom below 1GB. Bigger is better these days.


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