It’s that season again to go shopping and Jumia, one of Nigeria’s leading eCommerce sites has decided to lighten up the season with their double awoof deal on this years black Friday.

In case you don’t know, the Black Friday is the world’s biggest shopping day after the Thanksgiving day celebration in preparation for the Christmas shopping season. This year’s black Friday happens to fall on the 28th of November (last Friday in November 2014) and Jumia in the spirit of the season, is offering a double awoof deal for that day.

Here is how it works.

jumia 2014 bblack friday

Jumia is currently offering a 2,000 NGN voucher for 1,000 NGN, a 5,000 NGN voucher for 2,500 NGN, and a 10,000 Naira voucher for 5,000 Naira. This deal is quite awesome as you can purchase a voucher for shopping at half the price to be used only on this year’s Black Friday.

This means that if you purchase stuff worth N10,000 you pay N5,000 only,  you pay N2,500 for a N5,000 and N1,000 for  a N2,000 good. Isn’t that great. Not only does it work that way. Let’s say you purchase a product worth N20,000 , you can use your N10,000 voucher (which you must have bought N5,000) to pay off N10,000 while you balance up the remaining N10,000 using your ATM or Paga. That’s N5,000 going back to your pocket.

Jumia double awoof

You can buy the N10,000 Voucher for N5,000. Buy Now!

You can buy the N5,000 Voucher for N2,500. Buy Now!

You can buy the N2,000 Voucher for N1,000. Buy Now!

Note that you are only entitled to one voucher per user account and the voucher can only be used on Black Friday. Happy shopping.



    • Hi Merit,
      The vouchers when bought will equate the value they are tagged (that is double their price) and can be used to purchase stuff on Black Friday on Jumia instead of cash. I hope you do understand.

  1. This is cool, but makes little sense to me.. I hope Konga does better.. If the highest voucher Jumia is offering is 10k, I wonder what’s causing the hype..

    I can’t really think of anything 10k (5k) can get on Jumia.. 🙁


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