Here we are again discussing the new hyper nugget, and that’s the most famous “Alexa.” This voice response echo is not new in the tech world but if you’re coming across it for the first time, don’t worry about a thing as I will brief you on this hyper-tech voice responder.

Talking about this nugget, Alexa is known to be one of the most significant Amazon inventions presently connected with some number of web services to make a higher tech intelligence. Alexa acts as a manservant (maid per se) that can carry out any instructed task/duties.  This shouldn’t scare you away from its cold. Every Alexa-enabled device is a plus to have in your home and, with a little tuning, it proves to be a very awesome amigo.

List of all Alexa Skills

Most of the Alexa skills are not placed on default mode, merely saying that to get other skills on and going you will have to follow the required and proper activation steps before using each one for the very first time.

How to Startup Alexa’s Commands / Skill

To get started all you need to do is follow up the voice prompt instructions. While other of the commands required to be tuned in via the Alexa app or directly from the Amazon’s website. To start up this follow the prompts below:

  • Search for the skill’s name and then select the Enable button.
  • To do this through the Alexa app, you can simply do that by selecting the main menu button and choose the Skills option. From here you can browse Alexa skills by criteria/categories. You can also search for skills by keyword or name through this same interface.
  • I prefer using Amazon’s website instead of the designated app; you have to be logged into the account that is associated with your Alexa-enabled device.
  • Next, click on the drop-down menu and choose Alexa Skills. From here you can search for skills by keyword or name. You’ll also be taken to the Alexa Skills section of the website after performing your initial search.
  • Once you click the Enable button associated with a particular skill it will then be activated on all of your Alexa-enabled devices, assuming that you’ve registered them with the same Amazon account, and will be ready for use.

You’ll notice in the lists below that many Alexa skills are called by using trigger words like open, start, play and ask.

The Bartender

Alexa, ask the bartender to pick a drink: this command is for cocktail lovers which provides you with recipes and information on how to get it done with the available products.

News, Traffic and Weather Skills

While saying Alexa, what’s the weather? It will return the current conditions in your area, the majority of news and weather information disseminated by Alexa is done through Flash Briefings. When the drop-down menu appears, tap the Settings option.

The Scripture (Bible)

Here you say the command; Alexa, ask the Bible App for the day’s verse: This command reads the verse of the day out for you. Better still you can get it customized to a particular book in the Bible.

Game Skills

Although Alexa is operated strictly by voice there are some pretty cool games available for you to play such as “Yes Sire”: Though this game is not suitable for all ages due to its violent exhibitions and content materials.


The skills below are designed to help you with translations from an original language to another: You can boot up the command with Alexa, ask translated to say am coming in French: This translated features 36 other languages outside of English. But for more effectiveness and functionality your origin language must be English.


Your Alexa-enabled device can also function as a fitness coach, simply say this command; Alexa, start seven minutes work-out. This skill takes you through some series of exercises for fit keeping and health status.

Night Relaxation Sounds

These Alexa skills may not fit into one of the categories above, but this one is perfect in its role. Say the command Alexa, open sleep sounds. This includes standard sounds like storms, whispers attached with lots of quality sensible and sweet noise that play on a loop. But this command is majorly used during your night rest.

Account Details

This skill helps you in verifying your bank details and other valid informations about your account. Here is the command; Alexa, ask capital one what’s my account balance: as earlier said it enables you to transacts, make credit card payments and whole lots of transactions via voice.

Wow!!! Impressive skills Alexa got here, well I just decided to drop down some crucial commands that can be very much useful to us during our daily routines. Feel free share this article with your world for I believe someone out there is in need of this information.

Don’t forget to comment or remind us of not listed commands which you stumbled on and you’ve got 100% liberty to surf our various categories for more.


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