MTN which is the largest Telecom network in Nigeria seem to amaze her users with tasty offers ranging from their internet data plans, down to the series of tariff plans they have to offer, obviously, which appeal to several audiences based on your needs. This time, we decided to get you in the know of the MTN Beta Talk plan, it’s migration code, the benefits of having to migrate your line to this package and most of all, if it would suit you.

What Is MTN Beta Talk?

MTN Beta Talk is quite simple and straight to the point. It is a tariff plan that gives you 200% bonus on every recharge you make. That is to say, you get 3 times every recharge on your MTN line once you are on this tariff plan or package.

MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan

What Are the Benefits Of MTN Beta Talk?

By now, I know you are super excited about this package and would love to know more about the benefits you stand to gain as a Beta Talk subscriber. Well here are the benefits.

  • You stand to get a 200% bonus on every recharge you make above N100.
  • Your National calls, SMS, and PayG Data would be charged from your bonus.
  • Your bonus would last you for 7 days which is quite amazing.
  • You also would be allocated a free 10MB data for a 7 days period to surf the web.

Who Is Eligible For Migration To This Plan?

As long as you are a prepaid MTN subscriber, you are very much qualified to opt in for this tariff plan. That is to say that if you are currently on any of the other tariff plans viz; MTN Talk Talk, MTN Zone, MTN Super Saver, MTN TruTalk, MTN ipulse and MTN Smooth Talk, then you are eligible to migrate to the MTN Beta Talk plan. But if you are a Post Paid user, you wouldn’t be able to migrate to the Beta Talk package.

How Do I Migrate My Line To MTN Beta Talk?

It’s definitely as easy as pie to activate this package (i.e migrate to this tariff plan) on your MTN line as long as you are a prepaid user. All you need do is simply dial *123*2*6# on your cellphone, or you could send an SMS with the keyword “BT” (without the quotes) to 131, and you’ll get a confirmatory SMS welcoming you to the package.

Some Hidden Facts About MTN Beta Talk (Things To Note)

  • You stand the chance to get the bonus 10MB data once in every week unlike the 200% bonus which you get on every recharge above N100.

Should You Opt Into the MTN Beta Talk Tariff After All?

Now here’s the tricky part. For sure, Beta Talk is a nice package considering the fact that you get 200% of every recharge mad, but if you take a keen look at the maths, do you think this plan is worth it or is it yet another way of making people feel happy about the bonuses and yet getting the money back from them without them really noticing how it works? Let’s find out.

I’ll be comparing Beta Talk to iPulse in this example. On iPulse, you get to be charged 15k/sec(off campus) or 11/sec(on-campus) after the first 1 minute 40k/s daily charge. Now here’s the thing.

You load N100 on Beta Talk and get N200 bonus amounting to N300 balance. Now with the call rates here on Beta Talk which go for 42k/s, you get a roughly 12mins call. While on iPulse, with a N100 recharge, after the initial N24(first minute call), you get to make a total of additional 11 minutes call (on campus) OR additional 8.5 minutes call (off campus). Meaning iPulse gives you 12.5 minutes call on-campus OR 9.5 minutes call off-campus as compared to the 12 minutes call from Beta Talk. That’s to say you do not get much on this scale out of the Beta Talk plan.

Our Verdict

If you are someone who loves recharging once in a week, this plan might be for you as you bonus lasts as much as 7 days, otherwise, as a student who probably would recharge N100 a day on campus, I don’t think this plan is what you need. I’ll love to hear your opinions in the comment section below.


  1. Nice one. It seems our network providers are just waking up now.
    I came across some very cheap data plans just introduced by all networks in Nigeria too.

  2. This plan is a scam joor.
    You cannot use more than N400 of your MTN betatalk bonus per week.
    And you cannot chat/ send more than 200 SMS in a week from your bonus balance.
    Immediately they will start removing your main balance.


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